London’s ULEZ set to expand in 2023


The London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is set to be expanded to cover the whole of London from August 2023. 

Many drivers in London will be charged an extra daily fee of £12.50 when new plans to expand the ULEZ come into force.

In a bid to boost air quality for its residents, the zone will be expanded to cover the whole capital from August 29 2023.

All vehicles entering London must meet the ULEZ standard (Euro VI/6 for diesel and Euro IV/4 for petrol) or pay the daily charge. HGVs over 3.5 tonnes have had to meet tougher London-wide Low Emission Zone standards since March 2021.

The scheme, which operates every day apart from Christmas Day, is currently limited to the area within the North and South Circular roads but will soon cover all of Greater London.

Transport for London (TfL) estimates that on an average day about 160,000 cars and 42,000 vans that use London’s roads would be liable for the £12.50 ULEZ fee.

Officials hope the scheme will encourage tens of thousands of those drivers to switch to vehicles that comply with the minimum emissions standards or use other modes of getting around such as walking, cycling or public transport.

To see if your vehicle meets the ULEZ emission standards, use the TfL vehicle checker.