225,000 Extra Workers Needed in Construction


Construction workers are still in high demand despite economic uncertainty, according to new data.

New figures in a report from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) reveal that in order to meet UK construction demand by 2027, almost 225,000 extra workers will be needed.

If the projected growth is met by 2027, there will be 2.67 million construction workers.

The CITB’s annual Construction Skills Network (CSN) report also shows construction output is set to grow for all nations and regions, however, a recession is expected in 2023 with slow growth returning in 2024 the report says.

The report highlights that construction is expected to remain a sector where there is demand for workers despite the current economic uncertainty. As a result, recruitment, training, development and upskilling remain major priorities for the industry for 2023 and beyond.

CITB is responding by investing in apprenticeships, launching a range of targeted initiatives and working collaboratively with industry, to help the construction sector have a skilled, competent, and inclusive workforce.

“The latest CSN report clearly shows that despite current economic uncertainty, recruiting and developing the workforce remains vital to ensure the industry can contribute to economic growth,” says Tim Balcon, CITB Chief Executive.

“We know the next 18 months won’t be easy, however, I remain inspired by the construction industry’s resilience shown in the pandemic and throughout 2022.

“In short, it makes clear that the need to recruit and retain talent in the sector has never been greater. Whether that’s for building the homes the country needs, constructing energy and transport infrastructure or retrofitting the built environment to help drive down energy bills and meet net-zero targets.

“To bolster the industry’s resilience, CITB will strive to attract and train a diverse range of recruits for the industry, equipping them with modern skills for rewarding construction careers. I look forward to working with and supporting industry and stakeholders in the challenging times ahead and to emerging stronger when the recession ends.”