Rose System Scaffolding Wins Contract for Manchester Royal Infirmary Expansion


Rose System Scaffolding announced today that they have secured a prestigious new contract to support the construction of Manchester Royal Infirmary’s new A&E Emergency Department, aptly named Project Red.

Set to be carried out in two distinct phases, the expansion project boasts a series of enhancements, most notably six state-of-the-art operating theatres. Additionally, the Emergency Department will witness substantial expansion and upgrades.

In alignment with their commitment to delivering customised scaffolding solutions, Rose System Scaffolding is gearing up to provide an array of bespoke services tailored for the project. These include external independent access solutions, roof edge protection, hoist towers, and specialised access to a newly conceived Electrical Infrastructure Building. This particular building is of paramount significance, being responsible for powering the main hospital building.

The latest development project underscores Manchester Royal Infirmary’s burgeoning reputation as a regional hub for specialist surgical procedures. The dedicated professionals at Rose System Scaffolding expressed their pride and enthusiasm in playing a pivotal role in this transformative healthcare initiative.