Changes Proposed to CISRS Card Scheme Rules

The (ASITO) Committee has delved into potential changes to the CISRS Card Scheme rules concerning COTS/Labourer cards.
Photo credit: CISRS/NASC

The Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO) Committee has delved into potential changes to the CISRS Card Scheme rules concerning COTS/Labourer cards.

In a recent ASITO meeting held in London, The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) proposed a change that would mean that all new entrants into the scaffolding sector would be initially issued with a Labourer’s card once they complete the COTS course.

This proposed shift is a marked change from the current procedure, which allows a delegate to apply for either a Labourer or their first Trainee card.

This issue with applying for the trainee card immediately means that the clock is already ticking on the first 18-month card validity period. If new entrants do not get the relevant industry experience in this time their card could expire without them having started their formal training. At this stage they would need complete the Part 1 to obtain their 2nd Trainee card, however, all other relevant training and assessment (Part 2, VQ2, Skills test) would then need to be completed within that 2nd 18-month period.

An operative would now only be eligible to receive their initial 18-month trainee card upon the successful completion of Part 1 training.

the proposed route would have all new entrants receiving a CISRS Labourer card on completion of COTS. The first 18-month Trainee card would then be applied for by the training centre on completion of Part 1.

Dave Mosley, CISRS Managing Director, said, “By making this change, it will ensure that all operatives holding a trainee card, having already completed their Part 1, will have received industry-recognised training, in basing out, erecting and dismantling a range of scaffolds, towers, birdcages, independents etc plus other relevant industry guidance such as SG4, TG20, RAMS, before carrying out these jobs on site.

We will review Part 1 content to ensure it remains relevant and achievable for delegates who may now attend courses having had less time “on the spanners.”

CISRS is also proposing to change the time requirement between obtaining the first Labourer card and attending a Part 1 course from 6 to 3 months, allowing those with some industry experience but no formal training to attend the Part 1 and obtain their first trainee card sooner.

The adjustments aim to streamline the entry process and ensure that trainees have a clear, structured path to progress in their careers.

Following a group discussion with those in attendance on the topic, according to sources, there was a unanimous show of hands supporting the proposal, indicating strong support among the committee members present.

However, in an effort to make a well-informed decision and encompass wider viewpoints, CISRS has forwarded the proposal to Scaffmag to gauge the response of a broader audience before making a final decision.