Leach’s Launches Heartfelt Campaign Advocating PPE Importance


New campaign spotlights the impact of PPE decisions on loved ones.

In a deeply resonating move, Leach’s has launched a new campaign that underlines the paramount significance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while at work.

Through a heartfelt and memorable mascot, “Otto,” the dog, Leach’s strives to hit the emotional chords of workers, urging them to prioritize safety for both themselves and their loved ones.

A poignant Creative Film accompanies the campaign and can be viewed below. The visual narrative is expected to leave a lasting impression on viewers, reiterating the profound impact their PPE choices can have on their family and friends.

The campaign doesn’t shy away from highlighting some sobering statistics aimed at creating a clear and undeniable understanding of the stakes. An alarming 51% of fatalities in the construction sector result from falls from height, often tied back to improper PPE use or its complete absence.

Additionally, the industry sees approximately 59,000 work-related injuries annually, with many victims never returning to their jobs. Consequently, about 2.2 million working days are forfeited due to these injuries or occupational diseases each year.

Leach’s campaign comes at a crucial time when many still opt out of wearing PPE, citing reasons ranging from inconvenience to simple negligence. “Your choices can have a lifelong impact on those you love the most,” reads a part of the campaign’s text.

Through the metaphor of Otto, the campaign brings to light the anguish and heartbreak families experience when a loved one is harmed due to the absence of appropriate protection.

The cornerstone message of the campaign resonates loud and clear: PPE isn’t just a safety protocol; it’s a lifeline. It not only safeguards workers but ensures they return home every day to those who cherish them most.

In a world where occupational hazards are ever-present, Leach’s urges all, “DON’T RISK IT. STAY SAFE. USE PPE.”