Pilosio’s New UK Managing Director, Andy Graham, Talks Innovation and Expansion

A Conversation with the Industry Veteran About Pilosio's Journey in the UK Market

Pilosio, a renowned Italian manufacturer, has been making waves in the UK scaffolding and construction market since its debut in March last year.
From L to R: Nereo Parisotto – CEO and Owner, Francesca Fuser – Pilosio UK Business Development Manager, Andy Graham - Pilosio UK Managing Director

Pilosio, a renowned Italian manufacturer, has been making waves in the UK scaffolding and construction market since its debut in March last year. The company’s innovative products and commitment to practicality have been the driving forces behind its success.

In a recent development, Pilosio has appointed Andy Graham as the Managing Director for their UK operations, signalling an exciting new phase for the company. Scaffmag had the privilege of speaking with Andy Graham to discuss his new role, Pilosio’s value proposition, and the plans for the UK business.

A Remarkable Journey in the UK

Pilosio, known for its extensive experience in the construction industry, entered the UK market with great determination. Francesca Fuser, Pilosio’s Business Development Manager, explained their strategy:

“We got a lot of interest from UK companies, but they wanted local references and a presence on the market. We participated in trade shows, organised events, and engaged with engineering companies to better understand the market. But we realised the importance of letting people touch and try the product.”

To address this, Pilosio established a training centre in Aberdeen, which offers practical training on their Flydeck system, among others. This move aligns with Pilosio’s commitment to practicality and compatibility, a crucial aspect of their product design.

Francesca expressed their plans, saying, “One of our next steps is to invest in a second training centre in England. We want to stay close to the customer and make them comfortable.”

Introducing Andy Graham

Andy Graham, Pilosio’s newly appointed Managing Director in the UK, brings over 30 years of subsea and topside access, construction, and inspection experience into the business.

In addition to hands-on supervisory roles, Andy has previously held field engineering, project management, operations management, and head of department roles at several well-established service companies specialising in confined space and hazardous area operations, rope access, alternative access, and suspended decking systems.

When asked about his decision to accept this role, Andy shared; “The quality and flexibility of Pilosio products was evident to me from the early stages of our initial engagement, but it was the focus on safety-driven innovation that really caught my attention.

Product development is continual, and concept ideas are translated into final product design quickly by experienced in-house design and engineering teams. Secure supply chain, efficient manufacturing processes, and factory capacity ensure that Pilosio products can be delivered quickly and with the quality required to serve a global market. Understanding the markets that would benefit from the use of the Pilosio product range meant that accepting the new role was a very simple decision.”

“The Flydeck system was of particular and immediate interest to me,” he said.

“It can be installed by either scaffolders or by rope access personnel; the system is very light, use of the Flyrail offers significant safety benefits to installers during erection and dismantling, and installation rates are fantastic.

Offering options as a stand-alone suspended access platform used alongside other systems, or used in combination with Pilosio MP scaffolding to provide a total access solution from the ground up, the Flydeck offers improved safety, productivity, and value as standard.

And with today’s unveiling of our revolutionary PVC water collection system, Bluesky, Flydeck can now be supplied complete with an eco-friendly environmental protection solution suitable for a range of applications.

Pilosio’s new PVC water collection system, Bluesky.

Safety, productivity, and value are the primary benefits of the Flydeck system, and the system is perfect for use on civils, infrastructure, oil & gas, marine, and renewables projects, with flexibility and adaptability extending into commercial, airport, stadium, and factory applications.”

“Flydeck is not just for bridges; it’s a game-changer for multiple industries,” he added.

The Future of Pilosio in the UK

Looking ahead, Andy shed light on Pilosio’s future strategy in the UK. “Our goal is to offer both sales and rental options for our materials, and provide flexibility to our clients. We’ll continue promoting Flydeck and introduce the MP Ringlock system to cater to diverse construction needs across the UK construction, oil and gas, renewables, and infrastructure sectors.

We are greatly encouraged by the attendance of interested parties from across a range of sectors at our demo and training facility in Dyce, and we continue to receive requests for concept design proposals. We’re happy to say that Flydeck is being recognised by potential users as a multi-purpose system. Flydeck not just for bridges and offshore platforms; it’s a game-changer for multiple industries,” he emphasised.


As for expansion plans, Pilosio aims to establish a depot and a second training centre in the Midlands, emphasising their commitment to being accessible to customers across the UK.

In closing, it’s clear that Pilosio is poised for significant growth in the UK market, and Andy Graham’s leadership will play a pivotal role in realising these ambitions. With their innovative products and a strong focus on safety and practicality, Pilosio is well on its way to becoming a prominent name in the UK scaffolding and construction industry.