i-Scaff’s Ross Brown Elevates the Beautiful Game

Ross Brown, Director of i-Scaff Access Solutions, is one such figure. An influential name in the scaffolding industry in Scotland, Brown is now making waves in the Scottish football arena.
Ross Brown and co-director of i-Scaff David Campbell

In the world of Scottish football, behind the thrilling matches and roaring crowds, there are figures whose commitment, passion, and business acumen play a vital role in steering clubs towards success.

Ross Brown, Director of i-Scaff Access Solutions, is one such figure. An influential name in the scaffolding industry in Scotland, Brown is now making waves in the Scottish football arena.

Scaffolding Scotland’s Football Dreams

The name i-Scaff Access Solutions has been synonymous with superior scaffolding services in Scotland. Their reputation for quality and integrity is evident in every project they take on. However, their recent foray into football is where they are building not just structures but dreams.

i-Scaff Access Solutions announced an impressive two-year main sponsorship deal with SPFL Cinch League 1 side Kelty Hearts Football Club, signifying a momentous phase in the stories of both entities.

From Basic Sponsor to Football Savior

Ross Brown’s relationship with Kelty Hearts isn’t just a recent affair. “We got involved as a basic sponsor last season,” Brown recalls. However, a dramatic twist saw the departure of the two main Directors/shareholders of Kelty Hearts to purchase Raith Rovers. This left the club in a precarious position—lacking directorial guidance and no clear sponsorship, player deals, or future direction.

Recognising the potential and the challenge ahead, a new board took the reins, led by former players and Kelty residents Craig Reynolds and Stefan Winiarski. Recognising the dire need for stability and support, Ross Brown and co-director David Campbell didn’t just step in—they sprinted to the club’s aid. They inked a 2-year sponsorship deal, ensuring the club’s firm footing in the SPFL Cinch League 1.

Beyond financial aid, Brown’s commitment to the club’s future became evident when he took up a post as Commercial Director. His goal? To devise a robust structure and marketing strategy to fortify the club’s financial prospects for the coming days, months and years.

The turbulent times led to the formation of a steadfast board, composed of individuals dedicated to the welfare and success of the club:

Managing Director – Stefan Winiarski

Sporting Director – Craig Reynolds

Chairman – Thomas Rowley

Vice Chairman – George McTrustey

Club Secretary & Wellbeing Officer – Garry Grandison

Company Secretary – Stuart Mill

Commercial Directors – Ross Brown & John Dignan

Each of these directors brings their own expertise, vision, and commitment to the table, ensuring a holistic approach to managing the club.

A Future Built on Solid Ground

Thanks to the vision and efforts of Brown and the new board, Kelty Hearts now stands on stable ground. The club, with a fully dedicated board and a host of volunteers, is determined to carve out a bright future. Their ambitions aren’t just limited to in-house improvements; community engagement and collaboration are at the forefront.

This proactive approach has already yielded results. Layher Scotland, a prominent name in the industry, has come aboard as the shirt sleeve sponsor for the 2023/24 season.

Kickstarting a New Chapter

While the goalposts, roaring fans, and nail-biting matches are the visible facets of football, it’s the Ross Browns of the world who play a pivotal role in ensuring the game’s essence remains alive. As i-Scaff Access Solutions supports Kelty Hearts in its pursuit of footballing glory, both entities aim to reach unparalleled heights. The partnership is more than just sponsorship—it’s about passion, commitment, and building dreams together.

For Kelty Hearts, with Brown and the team at the helm, the future looks not just promising but exhilarating.

This article was originally published in Issue 20 of the ScaffMag magazine.