New Era of Leadership Unfolds at Layher UK

Anita Singh, Layher UK's new Technical Director

In the world of scaffolding and access solutions, change is a constant force, propelling innovation and excellence to new heights. The recent appointment of Anita Singh as Technical Director at Layher UK marks the dawn of a new era. Following the retirement of the esteemed Nick Geddes, who spent over two decades as Layher UK’s Technical Manager, leaving a legacy of his own, all eyes are now on the future as Anita steps into this prestigious role.

Her journey from Senior Design Engineer to Technical Director is not just a career progression; it’s a story of determination, innovation, and steadfast dedication. In an exclusive interview with Scaffmag, Anita shares her thoughts on leadership, gender diversity, and her ambitious plans for Layher UK’s future.

Unexpected Promotion, Unwavering Pride

Anita’s promotion was not just another career advancement but a testament to her unwavering commitment to Layher UK. “My initial reaction to the promotion was one of surprise,” she admits with a smile. “I genuinely was not expecting it. I was delighted and very happy that Sean (Layher UK’s MD) and Katherine (Layher UK’s OD) recognised my hard work and performance within the company over the last 11 years and considered me for this position.”

While the promotion brought about a sense of nervousness and anticipation about the transition into her new role, it also filled her with immense pride, gratefulness, and a feeling of worthiness. This blend of emotions underscores her dedication to Layher UK and its mission.

As Technical Director, Anita shoulders significant responsibilities that include leading a team of ten skilled engineers in the technical design department. She emphasises the importance of their continuous personal development and the need for procedural changes when required. Moreover, her role extends to maintaining central technical documentation management and ensuring the team’s access to the latest standards and datasheets.

Anita also emphasises the critical nature of internal departmental integration, stressing the importance of communication between the technical and sales teams. She firmly believes that communication is the key to Layher UK’s success in providing excellent customer service and technical support to clients of all sizes.

Close up of Layher system scaffolding at a depot

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Layher UK is renowned for its commitment to innovation and high-quality products in the scaffolding and access industry. With her background as a Senior Design Engineer, Anita is well-prepared to continue this tradition of excellence. She acknowledges Layher’s reputation for innovation and quality, emphasising the importance of collaboration with her technical team to generate innovative design solutions and develop versatile products that integrate seamlessly with the Layher system.

In her new role, Anita will have the opportunity to communicate directly with clients, allowing her to influence the next generation of high-quality products and design advancements.

A Trailblazer in a Male-Dominated Field

Anita’s position as a woman in a leadership role within the construction industry is noteworthy. Her advice to aspiring female professionals looking to advance their careers in this field is simple but powerful: “You just need the right qualifications and determination to get the position you are aiming for,” she said. Anita encourages women to show confidence, ask questions, and specialise in their chosen sector to build their knowledge and experience.

Anita’s journey serves as an inspiration to those who aspire to break barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Layher UK’s commitment to employee development and growth is evident in Anita’s own career progression within the company. As she takes on her new role, she places great importance on the personal and professional development of her team members. To achieve this, she plans to work closely with each team member to understand their short and long-term goals, develop individualised development plans, and provide access to the latest learning and application tools.

A Bright Future

Anita Singh’s journey from Senior Design Engineer to Technical Director at Layher UK is a testament to her dedication, determination, and expertise. Her story serves as an inspiration to both women in the industry and aspiring engineers looking to make their mark in the world of construction and scaffolding.

With the UK leadership team of Sean Pike (MD) and Katherine Fox (OD), which Anita now joins, Layher UK is poised for a bright and innovative future, building upon its legacy of excellence in the industry.