Klasp Act: A Grip on Future Scaffolding Safety

Julian Bland

Following a previous feature, we delve deeper into ‘The Klasp’, a ground-breaking scaffold fitting innovated by industry veteran Julian Bland. As The Klasp gears up for its market debut, Julian is on the lookout for a visionary buyer to champion this transformative product, ensuring its pivotal role in enhancing global scaffolding safety standards.

In the scaffolding industry, innovation and safety walk hand-in-hand. Julian Bland’s journey from witnessing the incremental improvements in health and safety standards to envisioning the next-generation scaffold fitting, the Klasp, is a testament to this hypothesis.

Birth of an Idea

Having years of hands-on experience in scaffolding, Julian Bland observed one persistent challenge – the cumbersome plastic armadillos that required frequent inspections and replacements and were a consistent operational cost. Their absence or malfunction posed significant hazards, sometimes even leading to the shutdown of sites.

The dire need for a solution led Julian to conceptualise a fitting where the tube sits securely, eliminating protruding bolts and, thus, the need for plastic armadillos altogether.

The idea wasn’t just to create a solution but a revolution. With the expertise of Sheffield-based Fripp Design, the Klasp began to take form. From 3D prints to prototypes manufactured in China, the Klasp was rigorously refined over two years, undergoing multiple redesigns to ensure optimal weight and efficacy.

the Klasp

Facing the Market

The initial enthusiasm from manufacturers like Presco and Forgeco was palpable. However, the cost-to-benefit balance needed to be more fair from Julian’s perspective. It became apparent that for the Klasp to disrupt the industry truly, it would need to be introduced at a price point that offers undeniable value.

The advantages of the Klasp are numerous:

  •     Drastically reducing the need to replace sheeting damaged by protruding bolts, resulting in significant savings.
  •     Eliminating the installation and maintenance of plastic armadillos.
  •     Aiding in a safer, faster erection process thanks to its unique saddle holding area.

Turning Point

Amidst the anticipation of Klasp’s potential to revolutionise the industry, Julian Bland finds himself at a crossroad, ready to pass on the baton to a buyer who shares his vision and passion.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Julian is actively seeking a buyer for the Klasp. This change of guard isn’t just about selling a product; it’s an invitation for like-minded innovators and companies to take the reins and propel the Klasp into the global market, ensuring it reaches its full potential and continues to enhance scaffolding safety and efficiency worldwide.

On the Horizon

The Klasp is set to be competitively priced in line with its peers, a decision that its future partner or owner will finalise. But the innovation continues beyond there. A new safety swivel, also designed by Julian, awaits its moment in the spotlight.

Safety Swivel

Together, the Klasp and the safety swivel are poised to elevate scaffold construction to unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency. Julian envisions these tools becoming compulsory in high-risk sites within three years of launch. This isn’t just optimism; it’s based on the foundational need these products address, their potential to save time and money and enhance safety.

Endorsements from scaffolding training facilities in the UK signal a future where these innovations become not just recommended but mandatory, redefining construction site safety standards.

Opportunity Knocks

Years of dedication, passion, and a deep understanding of on-ground challenges have resulted in the creation of the Klasp and the safety swivel. The next chapter awaits – who will lead this transformative journey in scaffolding?

For inquiries, partnerships, and acquisition opportunities, contact Julian Bland at [email protected] or visit www.jjbproducts.co.uk.

This article was originally published in Issue 20 of the ScaffMag magazine.