Layher UK and Des Moore Form Strategic Growth Alliance

System scaffolding and access solutions giant Layher UK Ltd has appointed Des Moore as their dedicated Brand Ambassador
Sean Pike, Layher UK Managing Director & Des Moore.

In an exciting development, system scaffolding and access solutions giant Layher UK Ltd has appointed Des Moore as their dedicated Brand Ambassador.

Layher’s ambitious growth plans for the UK system scaffolding market place both Layher & Moore centre stage.

Both Des Moore [who brings over five decades of scaffolding experience] and Sean Pike, Managing Director of Layher UK Ltd, spoke to Scaffmag, where Des expressed his pleasure at being entrusted with this important role.

“It’s a pleasure to be asked to work with Sean & Layher as their Brand Ambassador. It’s an important role, and I am looking forward to playing a part in Layher’s accelerating, exciting, and ambitious growth plans for the UK market,” Moore commented.

Pike added that “Having Des on board to jointly deliver and get across our core values and customer focused 4 x ‘S’ strategy of Service, Support, Solutions & Supply is invaluable, along with his many years of experience, use and exposure of the Layher system scaffolding advantages.”

A Trusted Partnership

What many may need to learn is Moore’s longstanding history with Layher. His journey with the company began during the early 1990s recession when he joined TRAD and was tasked with overseeing a small scaffolding contractor named Sevenhurst.

Recognising the potential for growth by entering new markets, Moore explored the use of system scaffolding for aircraft maintenance, a niche with significant profit potential. He and Layher crossed paths during their evaluation of scaffolding systems, ultimately leading to a strategic partnership.

Moore recounted, “We were very impressed with Layher’s Allround Scaffolding, together with all the other benefits the company provided, in terms of design, innovation, financing support, and service. The product gave us the opportunity we were looking for to move into niche markets initially and to improve our labour costs.”

Using Layher’s Allround Scaffolding System, Moore’s team expanded their presence in the aircraft maintenance industry, working across major airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, and Filton Airport in Bristol. The versatility and profitability of Layher’s product made it a perfect fit for this specialised market.

A Catalyst for Growth

Over the years, Layher played a significant role in TRAD Scaffolding’s growth, allowing the company to access new sectors and establish a strong market position. As a result of this partnership, between 60% and 70% of TRAD Scaffolding’s work was conducted using Layher’s Allround Scaffolding System.

Des Moore’s involvement also drove interest and investment in Layher from other contractors who recognised the market opportunities presented by Layher’s solutions; as Sean Pike recounts, “This collaborative effort fuelled not only TRAD Scaffolding’s success but also Layher’s growth in the UK, as I was able to demonstrate the benefits of strategic partnership we achieved with Trad, and which could be engaged by other scaffolding companies”.

In his role as Brand Ambassador, Moore will leverage his extensive experience and unique dual know-how to support Layher’s sales teams and customer base. He will conduct workshops and training sessions, sharing valuable insights and advice on tackling the challenges facing scaffolding contractors today, as well as engage with tier 1 contractors. Moore’s and Pike’s aim is to help businesses thrive even in challenging economic climates.

Close up of Layher system scaffolding at a depot

Expanding Layher’s Reach

Additionally, Moore will work with Layher on expanding Layher’s profile beyond the scaffolding industry and promote the benefits of Layher’s quality system scaffolding across the broader construction sector. He emphasises the importance of healthy competition in driving product innovation, competitive pricing, and collaboration on best practices within the industry.

Des Moore’s consultancy business MOR1X aligns with his passion for working with companies he believes in and trusts. He is excited to support Layher as it embarks on a significant strategic growth journey in the coming years.

“One of the most satisfying things in business is to successfully plan and deliver sustainable growth,” Moore said. “I’m looking forward to supporting Layher in building on an already very successful business as it delivers its strategic growth plans for the coming years.”

Pike concludes, “Des’s appointment, expertise & wider industry experience will undoubtedly contribute to Layher’s mission of delivering sustainable growth while maintaining a commitment to quality and innovation”.

As Des Moore takes on his role as Layher’s Brand Ambassador, the scaffolding industry anticipates further advancements and innovative solutions that will benefit both existing and potential customers in the UK system scaffolding market.

With Moore’s rich history and Layher’s dedication, the future of scaffolding and access solutions looks promising from these two growing market influencers.