NASC Raises Alarm Over Recent Scaffold Collapses Amidst High Winds

the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has expressed profound concern over a series of scaffold collapses that occurred during recent high winds,

In a press statement released today, the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has expressed profound concern over a series of scaffold collapses that occurred during recent high winds, issuing a stark warning about the potential dangers of substandard scaffolding practices.

The headline reads, “National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) Expresses Significant Concern Over Scaffold Collapses During Recent High Winds.”

NASC, a prominent authority in the scaffolding and access industry, has reported that despite the anticipated arrival of winter storms like Storm Henk in the UK, the recent incidents of scaffold failures should have been avoided under normal circumstances.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported thus far; however, NASC says it is deeply disappointed that these incidents have tarnished the industry’s otherwise improving safety record.

While NASC refrains from commenting on the specifics of these incidents, as they will be subject to investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the organisation is urgently calling upon all clients and contractors to review their procurement and working at height practices immediately.

Scaffolds constructed in accordance with statutory requirements diligently managed, and well-maintained should remain stable even in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds. The industry and the law mandate that scaffolds be erected in compliance with recognised standards, such as a TG20 compliance sheet, a system scaffolding user manual, or a bespoke scaffold design produced by a competent scaffolding designer.

In light of the recent events, NASC is urging all contractors and clients to promptly assess the design and safety of their scaffolding and access systems. This evaluation should include a thorough review of the TG20 compliance sheet, system manufacturer’s instructions, or a bespoke design, which should be available for every scaffold. Additionally, NASC emphasises the importance of ensuring that all scaffolding operatives adhere to SG4 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations industry guidance.

For those engaged in procuring scaffolding, NASC’s guidance document, SG39, on appointing a scaffolding contractor, offers comprehensive support. Furthermore, it is prudent for clients and contractors to verify the competence and recognition of their chosen scaffolding and access contractors through independent third-party assessments that confirm adherence to industry standards.

The NASC’s urgent appeal underscores the critical importance of maintaining the highest safety standards in the scaffolding and access industry, especially during adverse weather conditions, to prevent potential disasters and protect the lives of workers and the public.

The recent scaffold collapses serve as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of cutting corners in the construction and maintenance of scaffolding structures. The industry as a whole must take immediate and decisive action to rectify these issues and ensure the utmost safety on worksites across the nation.