Last week, the organisers of ScaffChamp made a significant announcement during their visit to the UK, revealing Mark Parkin as their new ScaffChamp Ambassador.

The exciting revelation was shared at Layher UK’s headquarters in Letchworth, where members of the ScaffChamp team gathered for the special occasion. Scaffmag had the opportunity to catch up with the team and speak with Mark Parkin about his new role and aspirations for the competition.

Upon congratulating Mark on his appointment as a ScaffChamp Ambassador, he expressed his enthusiasm for taking on this pivotal role and the personal significance it holds for him. “I am delighted to become a ScaffChamp Ambassador. Having discussed this many years ago with Viktor, I feel very proud to be playing a part in bringing ScaffChamp’s together.”

Playing the ambassador role is another personal achievement for me.

Mark Parkin, a prominent figure in the scaffolding industry, shared his motivations for getting involved with ScaffChamp and becoming an ambassador for the competition. “I love the scaffolding industry and all that it has to offer. I have had personal highs and lows, but this game is special. It draws you in, and the more I feel I can give, the more I want to get involved in exciting projects like ScaffChamp’s. Playing the ambassador role is another personal achievement for me.”

On the Search for Referees

Mark Parkin

Looking ahead to ScaffChamp 2024, Mark outlined his priorities and objectives as he works to assemble a team of referees for the competition. “The priority and objective are to bring some experienced scaffolders/inspectors to participate as referees in this event. It’s growing year on year. Currently, we have 18 teams, so it’s time to attract quality and respected people to strengthen the team from around the globe.”

Mark also highlighted the significant benefits and opportunities for participants in ScaffChamp and shared his vision for contributing to their experience as an ambassador. “This is a great platform to watch, listen, and learn. There is a huge opportunity to create a safer system of work. The networking is fantastic, and I love to see teams talking, sharing ideas, and loving the experience. I want to encourage more teams from around the world to come and engage in discussions about the scaffolding industry. It’s a brotherhood.”

Offering advice to teams and individuals considering participating in ScaffChamp for the first time, Mark emphasised the importance of enjoying the experience while prioritising safety and professionalism. “My advice is simple: please don’t overthink it. You’re trained in what you do. Play to win always, however, enjoy the experience. It’s supposed to be fun and engaging. Build and dismantle safely, make it exciting, lead the way, showcase yourself, be respectful.”

As excitement builds for ScaffChamp 2024, Mark expresses his anticipation for the event and hopes for its success. “I am really excited to catch up with my colleagues and friends in the industry from around the world to compete for the title. The championships are attracting more teams, visitors, and sponsorships. The buzz of ScaffChamp is getting more traction year on year. It is going to be epic.”

With Mark Parkin at the helm as ScaffChamp Ambassador, the future looks bright for this prestigious international scaffolding championship. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as ScaffChamp 2024 approaches.

Now in its 4th year, ScaffChamp is set to be held on 24 – 25 May 2024 and takes place each year in Vilnius, Lithuania.