Scaffolding Association Calls for Government Support in Pre-Budget Submission


In a proactive move ahead of the UK’s Spring Budget announcement, the Scaffolding Association, represented by its Chief Executive Robert Candy, has made a compelling written submission to HM Treasury. 

Robert Candy, Chief Executive of the Scaffolding Association

This initiative underscores the sector’s anticipation and active engagement with government policies, particularly in the construction industry’s role in the nation’s economic health and housing targets.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s forthcoming budget is keenly awaited by various sectors, with the Scaffolding Association seizing the opportunity to advocate for measures that bolster scaffolding, access businesses, and the broader construction industry. 

With the government’s ambitious agenda to construct 300,000 new homes by the end of 2024, the Scaffolding Association has emphasised the critical need for a robust construction industry. This requirement holds regardless of the target’s realisation, considering the continuous demand for new homes and the support required for commercial and domestic construction projects.

As highlighted by the Scaffolding Association, challenges confronting the construction sector include the escalating costs of materials and labour, skills shortages, and the imperative to meet net-zero targets. These hurdles, the Association argues, not only jeopardise the survival of businesses within the sector but also threaten the overall progression towards the government’s housing and environmental objectives.

The Association’s letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt contains specific proposals aimed at addressing these issues. Among the suggestions are adjustments to payment practices, corporation tax, capital expenditure, and overheads related to fleet operations, including fuel duty, vehicle excise duty, and the HGV road user levy. These targeted measures are proposed as mechanisms to alleviate financial pressures on the construction industry and stimulate growth and sustainability.

As the budget presentation approaches, the construction industry and its stakeholders are keen to see how the government will respond to these submissions. The suggestions from the Scaffolding Association and similar organisations reflect a broader dialogue about the future of the UK’s construction industry and its alignment with national housing and environmental goals.

The full letter to the Chancellor, as shared by the Scaffolding Association, offers a detailed overview of the industry’s current challenges and the proposed solutions. Read the full letter here.