CISRS Engages with Future Scaffolders During Scottish Apprenticeship Week


During Scottish Apprenticeship Week (SAW), a series of events were carried out across Scotland to honour current apprentices while highlighting the merits of work-based learning. 

Among the notable highlights of last week’s SAW was CISRS Managing Director Dave Mosley’s seizing the opportunity to engage with the next generation of scaffolders north of the border.

Dave visited ASET International Energy Training Academy in Aberdeen and the National Construction College (NCC) Scotland at Inchinnan, where apprentices are currently completing their scaffolding apprenticeship programs. At these approved providers, apprentices from various companies, including Scaffold Orkney, L&M Scaffolding, AB Scaffold, Access 2000, Duncan Scaffolding, and Abscaff, were immersed in Part 1 training under the guidance of their instructor, Richard Wrightson.

Interactions between Dave, Mark Davidson (CITB Apprentice Manager for Grampian), Shonagh Young of ASET, and the apprentices delved into various topics ranging from course content to industry experiences and future aspirations. Dave expressed delight in meeting these enthusiastic apprentices and conveyed optimism about their journey ahead in the scaffolding sector.

Transitioning to NCC Scotland, Dave Mosley encountered another group of apprentices in their final assessment week under the attentive supervision of Instructor Stewart McAllister. This cohort hailed from companies such as Edinburgh Scaffolding Ltd, Lyndon/SGB, Enigma, Millar Scaffold, I-Scaff Access Solutions Ltd, McTaggart Construction, and Kingdom Access Scaffolding Ltd, reflecting diverse industry sectors and geographical regions.

Following the successful completion of their assessments, Dave Mosley presented certificates to the apprentices, marking a significant milestone in their careers. The occasion was celebrated with a steak dinner, attended by the apprentices, instructors, program managers, apprentice officers, and support services team leaders.

Reflecting on the experience, Dave extended his good wishes to the apprentices embarking on their CISRS-qualified scaffolding careers. Dave commented, “The apprentice group at NCC Scotland are coming to the end of their program and will very soon be CISRS qualified scaffolders. I wish them all the best for the future and that they have a long, varied and rewarding career in the Scaffolding sector.”