Afix Group Drives Sustainability in Scaffolding with XCarb® Steel

Afix Group
Left to right - Annemie Delcourt (Manager Technical Support at ArcelorMittal), Erwin De Proost (Account Manager ArcelorMittal), Gerrie Roos (owner of Staalprofiel) and Thibault Vancanneyt (Global Account Manager of A

Staalprofiel, an Afix Group company, is actively transforming scaffolding solutions through a commitment to sustainability. 

As part of its alignment with the EU Green Deal, Staalprofiel has adopted XCarb® recycled and renewably produced Magnelis® steel from ArcelorMittal for its steel decks.

Afix Group recognises the construction industry’s need for eco-conscious materials. “XCarb® aligns with our goal of providing sustainable products without sacrificing performance,” stated Gerrie Roos, owner of Staalprofiel.

This partnership with ArcelorMittal, a pioneer in sustainable steel production, reinforces Afix Group’s proactive approach to environmental responsibility. The company has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint significantly in the coming years.

“Our focus on sustainability is a core element of our business model,” said Stephan Hillaert, CEO of Afix Group. “We are leading the industry by example, offering eco-friendly scaffolding solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment.”

Afix Group’s initiative highlights the growing importance of sustainability within the scaffolding sector, serving as a benchmark for other companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact.