Leach’s Steps Up as Major ScaffChamp 24 Partner

The highly anticipated ScaffChamp 24 international scaffolding competition is getting a major boost, with Leach's proudly stepping in as a main partner. 

The highly anticipated ScaffChamp 24 international scaffolding competition is getting a major boost, with Leach’s proudly stepping in as a main partner. 

This exciting collaboration promises to elevate the upcoming event to new heights of professionalism and style.

UK based leach’s, a renowned name for providing scaffolding and height safety solutions, will be playing a pivotal role in ScaffChamp 24. As a global sourcing partner for organisations in over 80 countries, Leach’s has come on board as a main partner for ScaffChamp to boost the awareness of this incredible event. Leach’s will be holding product demonstrations and showcasing cutting-edge safety equipment throughout the 2-day event.

Grant Harris, Global Sales Manager at Leach’s said: “ScaffChamp shows off the very best in our industry and it made sense for Leach’s to partner with and support this exciting, unique event. It is important that Scaffolder’s get the recognition and credit they deserve and we fully believe that ScaffChamp is fantastic at doing just that. 

We can’t wait to see who will come out on top as champions and we are already looking forward to future ScaffChamp events!”

As a main sponsor, Leach’s commitment to ScaffChamp 24 underscores their dedication to promoting the advancement of the scaffolding profession. They join a growing list of industry leaders who recognize the importance of this thrilling event for fostering camaraderie and raising the bar of excellence.

A spokesperson for ScaffChamp said: “We are pleased that the vision of ScaffChamp aligns perfectly with Leach’s commitment to scaffolder safety. The event prioritizes demonstrating the importance of adhering to safety instructions. This collaboration underscores our shared dedication to enhancing safety at every level.”

ScaffChamp 24 will take place on May 24th and 25th, 2024, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Get ready for thrilling competitions, world-class scaffolding demonstrations, and an unmatched opportunity for the global scaffolding community to connect.

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