London-based scaffolding firm, M R Scaffolding Services Ltd, have been working on a ground-breaking equipment collaboration with leading height safety and scaffolding suppliers, Leach’s. The new BIGBEN Deluxe 5-Fingered Ultra Helping Hand Harness is available today!

The new deluxe harness has an extra hand on the shoulder to ease the weight of the load being carried, improve balance, and avoid accidents with materials as you carry them. Let the ‘helping hand’ take the weight for you.

The harness also has a built-in tracker that can be found with the subtle product label; this links to the ScaffApp, which enables businesses to see who is being the most productive on sites, as well as counting steps; it also tracks items that a smartphone can’t:

– How many litres of energy drink consumed.

– How many minutes/hours spent on debating sports.

– Number of boards installed.

Both businesses are innovators in health and safety within the industry.

Matthew Trayfoot, Health & Safety Director at M R Scaffolding Services, said: “We have been trialling equipment to improve efficiency on our projects for a while now, and this harness has not only helped us tracking progress, but also has ensured accountability amongst our gangs. It has also been helpful for our apprentices when they transition from working in the yard to working on sites.

It is great to work with Leach’s on this, a company who we have been working with since the early days of MR. It feels like a full circle moment in our 50th year to be now bringing out this product together”.  

M R Scaffolding is a well-established family-run business that has been providing access solutions to the construction industry since 1974. This year, it is celebrating 50 years in the industry.

Leach’s has recently celebrated 100 years, so together, they form a powerhouse of knowledge. Earlier this year, Leach’s released their BIGGUY Safety range, as they found that the weight testing for the majority of height safety PPE wasn’t fit for purpose when tested against the average user in full kit. This was the first range in the world that supported a weight of up to 160kg!

At Leach’s, height safety is core to our mission of keeping workers safe, this is why we have chosen to expand the BIGBEN Harness range again, this time stepping into the digital world. We spoke with M R Scaffolding and heard their feedback on productivity for their apprentices and we even had great feedback from their clients on being able to track the productivity of gangs on sites.” Russell Tennent, Managing Director at Leach’s.