NASC and SARNZ Forge Global Scaffolding Alliance


A historic alliance has been sealed between leading scaffolding bodies NASC and SARNZ to strengthen industry standards

In a landmark event for the global scaffolding sector, the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) and Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand (SARNZ) have solidified their commitment to innovation and excellence by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

This pivotal agreement, announced during SARNZ’s 30th anniversary celebration year, marks a significant step in collaborative efforts to elevate industry standards and foster a culture of safety and efficiency in scaffolding operations worldwide.

The NASC, with its international acclaim as a frontrunner in setting benchmarks for scaffolding excellence, has aligned with SARNZ, a pioneering force in New Zealand’s scaffolding, access, and rigging sectors. 

The partnership is celebrated as a strategic move to pool expertise, resources, and best practices to mutual advantage. The MOU symbolises a bridge between the two organisations, promoting an exchange of knowledge and fostering advancements in the scaffolding profession.

Under the newly formed alliance, NASC and SARNZ are set to initiate a series of collaborative projects to enhance the recognition of industry standards, develop comprehensive training programmes, and advocate for best practices that promise to revolutionise safety and operational efficiency in scaffolding. This concerted effort represents a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence and charting a course towards a future where the scaffolding industry is synonymous with innovation and unparalleled quality.

Speaking at the MOU signing ceremony, Clive Dickin, CEO of NASC, expressed excitement about the partnership, adding, “This momentous partnership signifies a new chapter in the evolution of the scaffolding industry. Together with SARNZ, we are poised to drive innovation, promote safety, and set new benchmarks for excellence that will resonate across borders.” 

This sentiment was mirrored by Tina Wieczorek, CEO of SARNZ, announcing her excitement over the collaboration, remarking, “As we commemorate our 30 years of dedication to excellence, we are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside NASC. This partnership underscores our collective commitment to shaping the future of scaffolding, access, and rigging, both in New Zealand and beyond.”