TRAD UK renames Glasgow depot in honor of beloved former Managing Director, John Paterson, who sadly passed away in 2021.

In a moving tribute, TRAD UK has renamed its Glasgow depot office as Paterson House. The renaming honours the memory of John Paterson, the company’s highly respected former Managing Director, who sadly passed away in 2021.

A plaque commemorating the renaming was unveiled by John Paterson’s wife, Jane Paterson, along with his longtime colleague and friend, Davy Walls. The plaque was donated by Hayden Smith, TRAD’s former owner and Chairman, who was a close friend of John Paterson. Hayden made a special trip from London to witness the unveiling. The event was also attended by other friends, colleagues, and TRAD UK’s current Managing Director, Colin Dobson.

John Paterson was deeply admired within TRAD and the wider scaffolding industry. His dedication and warmth are sorely missed, and he remains a source of inspiration for those who knew him, particularly the team in Glasgow.

Renaming the depot is a poignant tribute, as it was here, in this very place, that John Paterson began his journey with TRAD Hire & Sales. He opened the Glasgow depot in January 2000 as Sales Manager and subsequently became the company’s Managing Director in 2014, leaving an indelible mark on the site.

Natalee Wilkie, Operations Manager at the Glasgow depot, was present at the unveiling. Natalee worked alongside John Paterson from the depot’s inception, serving initially as his administrative assistant. “John was always there for me, a true mentor,” she said. “This feels like the perfect way to honour his legacy.”