The scaffolding world is buzzing with anticipation as ScaffChamp 2024 is just over two weeks away!

This prestigious competition will see some of the world’s finest system scaffolding teams battle for supremacy, showcasing their unmatched skill, speed, and commitment to safety.  

And for the first time ever, teams from the United Kingdom are making their mark on the competition and doing so in force! Three UK teams are gearing up to prove their mettle on the international stage.

The championship is due to kick off on May 24-25 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Get ready, scaffolding fans! The stage is set for a thrilling ScaffChamp 2024. 

This year’s competition boasts an impressive roster of over 20 teams representing countries across Europe, Asia, and beyond. From seasoned veterans to ambitious newcomers, ScaffChamp24 promises electrifying displays of skill, speed, and teamwork as scaffolders worldwide battle for the coveted title.

Let’s take a closer look at the championship contenders:



XPRTS (Bulgaria): 

XPRTS is a unique player in the scaffolding world—a recruitment firm focused on matching skilled workers with the right jobs. Their participation in ScaffChamp, with a solid 9th place finish in 2023, shows that their commitment to the field extends beyond the business side.



Danish Scaffolders Club (Denmark):  

More than just a scaffolding team, the Danish Scaffolders Club represents the workers themselves! A union-backed team, they champion fair wages, better working conditions, and safety throughout the Danish scaffolding industry. Their impressive 5th place finish at ScaffChamp 2023 shows they can compete and advocate for workers at the same time.



Starteline Oy (Finland): 

Starteline Oy focuses on safety and efficiency in the Finnish scaffolding industry. Its in-house technical team ensures every project receives a customized and meticulously planned solution. Devoted to continuous improvement, its ScaffChamp debut showcases an ambition to compete at the highest level.


Telinetiimi Oy (Finland): 

Telinetiimi Oy is a small but mighty Finnish team known for its reliability under pressure. Its strong ScaffChamp finishes in 2022 (4th) and 2023 (8th) suggest it’s a team to watch in Vilnius.



Stabil Építo Kft (Hungary): 

Stabil Építo brings flexibility to the competition with its expertise in both Blitz and Layher Allround systems. Its recent victory at the Hungarian ScaffChamp qualifiers underscores its skill and determination, making it a serious contender in Vilnius.


Látvány-Állvány Kft (Hungary):  

One of two teams to qualify from the Hungarian national championships, Látvány-Állvány Kft brings proven skill to the competition. Their expertise with Layher Keder XL roof structures could be a major advantage.



Cumiskey Scaffolding Ltd (Ireland):

Focusing on safety certifications and a family-run work ethic, Cumiskey Scaffolding tackles projects big and small across Ireland. Their ScaffChamp debut represents an exciting chance to showcase their skills to a global audience.



Globalita (Lithuania): 

Lithuanian powerhouse Globalita is a force to be reckoned with. Their dedication to quality and customer service is evident in their comprehensive insulation and scaffolding services. A consistent ScaffChamp competitor, Globalita has seen impressive results, including a 5th-place debut in 2019 and back-to-back second-place victories in 2022 and 2023.  They’re determined to claim the champion’s title on their home turf this year!


HOTREMA (Lithuania):  

HOTREMA is a European industry titan, boasting a 500-strong workforce and huge scaffolding resources. Their focus on timely project completion and cost-effectiveness solidifies their reputation. A two-time ScaffChamp champion (2019 and 2022) with a 3rd place finish in 2023, HOTREMA is a constant podium contender.


UAB RNDV Industries (Lithuania):  

Part of the larger RNDV group, the RNDV Scaffolding Installation team is growing fast! Their experience across Europe and ambition to be winners makes them a team to watch at ScaffChamp.



NBIK LLC (Mongolia):  

NBIKLLC brings experience from large-scale mining and construction projects in Mongolia. Their impressive 6th place finish at ScaffChamp 2023 shows they can translate that experience into competitive success.



N-Projects (Poland): 

N-Projects is a company deeply invested in safety and professionalism. This commitment and their commitment to employee development have led to rapid growth in the Swedish and Polish markets. Their striking 4th place finish at ScaffChamp 2023 hints at their enormous potential in this competition!


GLT Spó?ka Akcyjna (Poland):

With over a decade of experience, hundreds of projects completed, and a large workforce, GLT brings significant scaffolding expertise to their ScaffChamp debut.




AlpAccess has a fascinating trajectory, transitioning from rope access specialists to a multi-faceted provider of scaffolding, corrosion protection, and more. This year marks a milestone as the first Romanian team to compete at ScaffChamp!




PDV INŽENJERING has made a rapid ascent within the Serbian industry. Founded in 2015, they quickly gained recognition for their expertise in industrial thermal insulation and scaffolding. Their capabilities are extensive, with a large Layher scaffolding inventory and a skilled workforce. This ScaffChamp debut marks the first time Serbia is represented in the competition, and PDV INŽENJERING is determined to make a strong impression!



Kukla Scaffolding (Slovakia):

What started as a small team in 2011 has blossomed into an international scaffolding powerhouse. Kukla Scaffolding boasts a large workforce, massive equipment inventory, and even its own scaffolding academy! Its ScaffChamp debut signals its intent to compete with the world’s best.



KAEFER (Sweden):

With nearly four decades of experience, KAEFER Sweden is a dominant force in the industry. Their team of 200+ professionals and massive scaffolding inventory ensure unmatched efficiency across major projects. KAEFER Sweden’s expertise extends to insulation, surface protection, and more. Their impressive victory at ScaffChamp 2023 with a record-breaking time of 0:59:01 highlights their relentless pursuit of excellence.


Björli Bygg (Sweden):

Björli Bygg has seen impressive growth since 2017, becoming a major scaffolding provider in Sweden. Their use of advanced systems like Layher’s TwixBeam demonstrates a commitment to innovation. As a consistent ScaffChamp competitor with a bronze medal in 2022, Björli Bygg aims to climb the podium once again.



Connect Scaffolding Ltd (United Kingdom):

From its origins as a family-run business in 1991, Connect Scaffolding has grown into a major UK player with a diverse clientele. Their recent transition to an employee-owned structure highlights a commitment to their team’s success. Connect Scaffolding brings expertise across a wide range of industries to their ScaffChamp debut.


Star Scaffolding Ltd (United Kingdom): 

With a 20-year history, Star Scaffolding has built a reputation for reliability and adherence to top industry standards. Their focus on values like professionalism and integrity has propelled them to become a Tier 1 Construction Company. Interestingly, Star Scaffolding embodies the evolution of the industry, having transitioned from traditional tube and fitting methods to embrace the Layher system. Their ScaffChamp debut showcases this growth and their talented young team.


Rose System Scaffolding Ltd (United Kingdom):

Despite being relatively new (established in 2017), Rose System Scaffolding has rapidly grown into a major UK scaffolding player. Their substantial investments in Layher equipment and facilities underscore their ambition. This ScaffChamp debut marks their entry onto the global stage, ready to prove their mettle.


More Than Just Winners and Losers

ScaffChamp isn’t just about the competition. It’s a celebration of the scaffolding profession, where camaraderie and the sharing of knowledge reign supreme. Expect to see teams from diverse backgrounds come together, united by their passion for the craft.

Get Your Tickets Now!

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