A Towering Success in Brighton: Mattison Scaffolding and Layher Allround System


In the heart of Kemptown, Brighton, a remarkable scaffolding project undertaken on behalf of the Mears Group PLC stands as a testament to engineering excellence and innovative design.

Wiltshire House, a towering 18-storey building on Lavender Street, is currently undergoing significant renovations facilitated by Mattison Scaffolding Ltd. Utilising the cutting-edge Layher Allround System, this project not only showcases the superior capabilities of Layher UK’s products but also highlights Mattison Scaffolding’s expertise in navigating complex challenges.

The Wiltshire House project, spearheaded by main contractor MEARS, spans an estimated 12-18 months. This ambitious endeavour involves encasing the entire building in scaffolding to facilitate the removal and renewal of the building’s render and repairs to balconies and the External Wall Insulation (EWI). The structure is a colossal 50 metres high and 133 metres in circumference, demanding an exceptional scaffolding solution.

Innovative Solutions with Layher Allround System

Choosing the Layher Allround System for this project was a strategic decision for Mattison Scaffolding and Mears. Known for its versatility and reliability, the Layher Scaffolding System ensures unhindered access without the need for ledger bracing in the working lifts.

This feature was particularly crucial for Wiltshire House, where maintaining accessibility for residents during the renovation was paramount. The system’s modular design also allowed for swift assembly, meeting the project’s tight logistics and stringent safety requirements.

Execution and Challenges

Under the vigilant supervision of Nick Youngs, Mattison Scaffolding’s Contract Supervisor, the project has progressed smoothly despite numerous challenges.

The weather posed a significant hurdle, with frequent rain and strong seafront winds testing the resilience of the skilled scaffolding team. Additionally, ensuring the safety and convenience of the building’s residents required innovative approaches, such as constructing bridged beam sections and installing protective fans over all doorways.

Mattison Scaffolding deployed a dedicated team of six highly skilled operatives, who were commended by Allen Shaw, the MEARS site manager, for their safe working practices and considerate behaviour towards the public.

The scaffold, comprising 17 fully decked lifts, was erected within an impressive 18-week timeframe, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the team and the speed of which the system can be used, enhancing tight programmes.

Safety and Collaboration

Safety was a top priority throughout the project. The entire base of the scaffold was secured with heras fencing, and meticulous planning ensured that all potential hazards were mitigated. Collaboration with safety inspectors and other specialists ensured compliance with all safety regulations and standards.

The successful erection and handover of the scaffold to MEARS marks a significant milestone in the project. As work continues on Wiltshire House, the benefits of using the Layher Allround System are becoming increasingly evident. The system’s robustness and flexibility have proven invaluable in meeting the project’s demands, setting a new benchmark for future scaffolding projects.

While the project has not yet received any formal awards or recognitions, the positive feedback from key stakeholders speaks volumes about its success. Allen Shaw’s praise for Mattison Scaffolding’s team highlights the high standards maintained throughout the project.


The Wiltshire House project is a shining example of what can be achieved when cutting-edge technology meets skilled craftsmanship. Mattison Scaffolding’s adept use of the Layher Allround System has not only facilitated a complex renovation but has also set a precedent for future projects in the industry.

As the project progresses towards completion, it stands as a proud testament to the capabilities of Layher UK the expertise of Mattison Scaffolding, and the foresight of The Mears Group PLC.