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    TRAD Scaffolding is led by MD Neil Garner, who oversees the three operating divisions of TRAD Southern, TRAD Midlands and TRAD Northern – each run by its own Divisional Director.

    Our six depots comprise: TRAD Southern in and around London at Chertsey, Bromley and Barking; TRAD Midlands in Oldbury and Loughborough; TRAD Northern in Salford. Collectively, each division contributes to a combined turnover of over £40 million per year, with a total workforce of over 400.


    Another key difference of TRAD is its flat management structure – this unusual yet very successful approach ensures each division is autonomous, each with its own staff in key positions, and its own long-standing, satisfied customer base. With key staff reporting directly to Neil Garner, our flexible business model allows faster decision-making that avoids waiting for corporate approval – it also helps staff in key roles build closer links with clients by working with them wherever they’re needed.

    TRAD’s management teams, from Divisional Directors to Contracts Managers and Contracts Supervisors, have all been promoted through company ranks – ensuring a thorough and practical understanding of every aspect of TRAD’s scaffolding business. This also ensures a continuity and consistency of approach that meets the challenges of modern day building methods head on and is dedicated to making the industry incident and accident free.


    We’re committed to delivering best value, by utilising our knowledge and expertise, accurate planning, and close liaison between our clients and teams. Our objective is to achieve an exit price that matches the entry price, protecting your financial position and earning your trust for collaboration on future projects.


    With TRAD, you’re assured of a highly skilled, directly employed workforce. TRAD’s six retained scaffold designers are some of the most experienced in the country who produce excellent designs for a variety of complex work. We also recruit apprentices from local colleges and schools, helping them reach their full potential to be the expert scaffolders of the future.

    Ours is a business built on excellence, at the forefront of OH&S compliance, innovation and good practice. We constantly strive to create the safest possible working conditions for our employees, our clients’ operatives and the public. In recognition of our exceptional safety record, Lloyds of London ranks us among the top three safest scaffolding groups in the UK.

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