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Winter 2017 Issue

Welcome to the first ever issue of the ScaffMag magazine. In this first quarterly issue our cover story is an interview with the CEO of the ALTRAD Group, The multi-billionaire, Dr Mohed Altrad shares his views on a number of interesting topics including Altrad’s recent acquisition of the industrial giant Cape plc, Brexit, and even President Donald Trump.



Thinking of a career in Scaffold Design?

I am writing this article as a response to the many enquiries received by 48.3 from people asking “how do I become a scaffold...
Female Scaffolders

What made you want to be a scaffolder then?

  I must have been asked this about 1000 times over the 8 years I’ve been in the industry, and over 1000 times I’ve roiled...

Scaffs Sit Com Set To Take Centre Stage

The BBC are working on a situation comedy aimed at the scaffolding industry in the hope of taking over from where Only Fools and...

Mohed Altrad: The Interview

ScaffMag was given an interview with one of the world's biggest movers and shakers, In order to find out more about this most enigmatic...