Combisafe strikes the right note in Vienna with safety net fan


    With the new Raiffeisen Tower in Vienna designed to set a new world leading benchmark in terms of sustainability, it is only fitting that during the construction of the 21 storey building the main contractor would turn to the leading safety at height specialist brand, COMBISAFE. The versatile COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan not only formed an effective fall-arrest system for the workforce, but also protected pedestrians and cars at ground level from falling objects and debris.

    Designed by architects Dieter Hayde and Ernst Maurier and built on the former site of the OPEC Headquarters along the Danube Canal, the 78 metre high Raiffeisen Tower has been designed to be energy efficient through measures including geothermal heating and photovoltaics.  For a building with such a high benchmark for sustainability, it was vital that safety standards reached a similar level.

    ‘The Safety Net Fan was used to prevent material falling to the street and to protect pedestrians and cars parked next to the construction site,’ commented Mario Sontacchi.  ‘The safety solution is also in place to protect the facade elements of the buildings, which are already installed under the fans.’

    The 30 COMBISAFE Safety Net Fans were installed using Multi Clamps and 90 degree Elbows securing the Safety Net Fans to the concrete parapets. Due to the issues of the confined site, only a few Safety Net Fans at a time could be mounted on the ground and lifted in to place by crane.

    Following considerable research and development, the Safety Net Fan is not only more cost effective, adaptable and user friendly but it is significantly stronger than conventional methods with an energy absorption of up to 4.4 Kj.

    Available in two standard lengths 4.2m and 6m – it can be installed using the COMBISAFE Loose Slab Attachment which means brickwork can be built over the attachment allowing for greater flexibility of the fan position.  In the event the fan is exposed to high wind forces, particularly on high rise construction, a Wind Lock is an additional option which provides greater stabilisation and ease of engagement when the fan has to be folded away.

    With a projection of 3.3 metres from the building, the COMBISAFE Safety Net Fan is tested to comply with EN 1263 the European standard for safety netting and can arrest falls of up to 100kg from a height of up to 6 metres. The mesh density of the fall arrest net is 60 x 60mm and it’s delivered laced together with an extra fine 20 x 20mm debris net. The combined net is able to catch considerably smaller particles of debris, protecting workers and pedestrians at ground level making it ideal for built up areas.

    Set for completion towards the end of 2012, the Raiffeisen Tower will form an impressive site on the Danube Canal and thanks to the COMBISAFE range of products, both the workforce and pedestrians will have been protected from falling objects and debris during its construction.


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