Advanced Guard Easy Fit System Is Reaching New Heights

Advanced Guard, Project Scaffolding

Advanced Guard, Project Scaffolding

Advanced Guard has successfully piloted its advanced guardrail system with Middlesbrough scaffolding firm Project Scaffolding.

We originally brought Advanced Guard to your attention back in November 2012  with our innovations article.

Speaking to a local paper the firm is now hoping its innovative SG4:10 compliant guardrail system can be rolled out on construction sites across the UK.

Advanced Guard’s Easy-Fit system now takes 14 minutes to install compared to around three hours for traditional system.

The brainchild behind the system is Health and Safety adviser Keith Alexander who has designed the system.

Keith said:

“I first came up with the idea about four years ago. I’m a health and safety adviser and been in construction for 14 years but didn’t do anything with it for a while. “Legislation on fall prevention changed in 2010, and they said scaffolding should be put up from underneath; that’s when I started production.”


Advanced Guard have said that several companies are already using the system but it has now caught the attention of a larger firm.

Project Scaffolding based in Middlesbrough has 178 employees and a turnover of around £9M a year has began testing the advanced guard rail system on real construction projects.

Mark Jeavens of Project Scaffolding said: 

 “This is a far quicker method. We are impressed with it. “There’s no need for the scaffolder to climb up and expose himself to the risk of a fall. “Other methods take a lot longer, and the guys don’t like doing it.”