The F-Board Wins ‘Best Recycled Product’ Award 2014



The innovative F-Board has won the ‘Best Recycled Product’ award at the 2014 National Recycling Awards.

The Judges commented:

“The winning product has lots of potential in terms of take up and wide usage. The product it was replacing had a short life span, but this product offered great benefits through end of life take back and replacement.”

The awards, which took place at the Hilton Hotel, London, on Thursday, 3rd July, are considered to be the most prestigious and coveted awards in the waste and recycling annual calendar, and is the biggest networking event within the recycling industry with more than 700 industry leaders from across the nation attending.

Organised by MRW magazine, the awards celebrate achievements and products from within the recycling fraternity.

The ‘Best Recycled Product’ award exemplifies the best of sustainability, with careful consideration of resources and with recycling and reusing in mind through the use of recycled content.

F-Board is very proud to announce that they have won the ‘Best Recycled Product’ category with our innovative and forward-thinking scaffolding board. The board, which is made from recycled UPVC, has captured the attention of the scaffolding and recycling industries with its financial and environmental attributes – as well as being extremely safe to use. The recycling loop of buying back the F-Board at the end of its lifespan also shows great innovation.

Ticking every box, it was of no surprise that F-Board has won this category at the 2014 National Recycling Awards, and F-Board would like to thank the judges and the recycling community for this prestigious award.

For more information about F Board please visit our Website or call 0121 505 2360.