TRAD Hire & Sales receives great reviews and feedback from both clients and end users at their recent open day in Barking.

It was only in April of this year that TRAD Hire & Sales, the UK’s leading Scaffold Supplier, celebrated opening their National Training and Product Awareness Centre in Barking, and is now leading the way with an ongoing series of open days across the country.

Having successfully hosted two previous open days in East London and Leeds during 2015, the Scaffold Specialists returned to their new Training Centre on the 4th November to showcase two of the markets most innovated products – Metrix and Altrix, both of which are unique to TRAD Hire and Sales in the UK.

The demonstration of the Plettac Metrix System Scaffold and the showcasing of the new ALTRIX Temporary Roof system were met with extremely positive reviews from some of the UK’s leading Construction Companies and Scaffolding Contractors.

The event kicked off with an introduction to the New National Training facilities followed by a demonstration of the unique Plettac METRIX System Scaffold, proven to be significantly faster to erect than all other ring based systems but even more so compared to traditional Tube & Fittings.

A time-lapse video demonstrated both the speed and benefits of METRIX, comparing it against conventional tube & fittings and two other well- known ring-based systems. The comparative speed and ease of use of METRIX conclusively proved the system to be superior in every respect and the time lapse video was enthusiastically received by all those attending.

Construction industry experts are hailing Metrix as revolutionary, quoting labour savings benefits, programme time reductions, and the systems versatility as its key attributes. The introduction of the optional Permanent Advance Guardrail also improves safety as they are installed from the safety of the lift below.

Attendees were then introduced to TRAD’s newest product, ALTRIX; an all-aluminium temporary roofing and weather protection system, Alan Slater, TRAD Group Technical Support Manager explained how the roofing system has been designed to work with any scaffold and complements the METRIX system perfectly.

Manufactured using fast Push-Fit technology with colour-coded components to allow for easy identification and speedier assembly times (all as the colour coding of the Metrix System), ALTRIX uses far less components than other roofing systems which significantly reduces the costs of purchasing, storage and transportation. An additional benefit of the system is the ability to install the roof sheets from the safety of the scaffold platform.

With the Open Day well underway, TRAD Group Managing Director, Des Moore reviewed the real-world benefits of the METRIX and ALTRIX systems. Following the event, he said:

‘The product launch at our National Training Centre was met with positivity across the board. I firmly believe that these two products are the very best on the market today and that our industry will greatly benefit from their time and labour cost saving capabilities.”

The open day then concluded with an insightful Presentation from Des, who as well as being responsible for the three TRAD Group Companies, has extensive experience in Scaffolding Contracting, having previously been the Managing Director of TRAD Scaffolding for some fifteen years and having used System Scaffolding for the past twenty five years. A very robust Q&A session followed with Des that covered a wide range of topics, including TRAD’s Business model and the real commercial benefits that can be gained along with the essential Management approach that is required by any user wishing to extract the full benefits of using both METRIX and ALTRIX.

Attendees were highly complementary of TRAD’s product demonstrations and many expressed their eagerness to start using the products straight away. Andrew Millington, Managing Director of Jubilee Scaffolding in Jersey was very impressed by the safety and practical working benefits of the products:

“I currently use the cuplock system, but I think Plettac METRIX will be twice as quick to erect and dismantle. The safety is fantastic – working from underneath rather than on top, with the guardrail system in place, and being able to work to SG4:15 all the times. For all the benefits it gives me, I would definitely use Plettac METRIX in the future.

Edmond Carolan, Director of ENJ Scaffolding in Essex, shared his views:

“Plettac METRIX is a very impressive piece of kit, especially with the ALTRIX roof… The best part for me is the labour saving – instead of 4:2 ratio of four scaffolders to two labourers, you could have four labourers to two scaffolders. That’s a big saving. It would be interesting to bring some of the lads to one of TRAD’s live jobs to get their thoughts on how investing in Plettac METRIX – and eventually replacing Cuplock – could benefit the business.”

Des Moore concluded that for the first time in the UK there is a ‘Very Real’ alternative to the previously well-known supplier of ring based system scaffolding. We believe that the ALTRAD Group has a much better offering to the market in every respect, from Design, Supply and Customer Support, coupled with TRAD`s nationwide Hire and Sales distribution, and in-house knowledge sharing from a Group that can advise its clients how to get the very best from the System because it has that experience that no other Suppliers can offer. Over and above that we believe the Products just speak for themselves.

Come and see for yourself at one of our Open Days.

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