F-Board has been crowned the winner of the Construction News Business Innovation of the year 2016.

After much debate by the judges, F-Board was crowned the victor of the CN Business Innovation of the year having demonstrated a number of benefits in terms of the environment, cost efficiency and health and safety through the product of the same name.

The F-Board is a scaffold board made entirely from recycled plastic, which the company offers to buy back at the end of its life to make into new F-Boards, reducing the amount of timber used in the scaffolding sector.

It also lowers the impact on the environment and reduces CO2 emissions – the UK produces millions of timber scaffold boards every year, which need to be replaced after their typical lifespan of 12 to 18 months.

Not only were the judges impressed by the product’s green credentials, but also its ability to improve site safety.

Each board’s non-slip design reduces the risk of workers slipping or falling from height in all weather, while the F-Board retainer locks the end of boards into place, preventing them lifting or changing position and creating trip hazards.

The F-Board also delivers cost efficiencies that can benefit a project’s budget and be passed through the supply chain. Its lifecycle can reduce the frequency of purchasing scaffolding equipment, and by recycling their boards at the end of their lives, businesses also get a return on investment.

As a company, F-Board pointed to its focus on research and development, working with academic institutions to improve the product’s performance and expand its application to sectors such as nuclear, transport and oil and gas.

“This breakthrough innovation has huge benefits for the construction industry,” the judges said. “The company has shown dedication to innovation through ongoing product development, and by working on that with a number of leading universities in specialist fields.

“This ultra green product ticks all the boxes and the market seems huge,” they added.