CISRS to introduce mandatory CPD course


CISRS has announced that from 1 June 2017 it will introduce a two day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, which will become a mandatory requirement prior to Scaffolder or Advanced Scaffolder card renewal.

CISRS-CPD-advertCPD is an issue which has been discussed at length within the
sector for over 10 years. Following correspondence with the HSE in 2015 urging CISRS to introduce CPD, as the scheme had been in existence for over 40 years without a formal route, it was agreed that the introduction of CPD would ensure that cardholders were kept up to date with the latest legislation and industry guidance.

“We are aware that good employers strive to keep their workforce up to speed with changes within the industry, but this is not always the case. With a transient workforce and no formal programme for achieving this we cannot be sure exactly what information has been passed onto whom. 

“The basic principle of CPD and/or refresher training is a good one. However, we are all too aware that this comes at a cost not only for the training itself, but also loss of production etc. As such we are looking to ensure that the course provides the most gain for the least pain and offers the scaffolder and their employer some real value added training,” said Dave Mosley, CISRS Scheme Manager.

CPD has been a regular agenda item at Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO) meetings, and a working party of CISRS representatives, scaffolding contractors and training providers was formed to take this forward.

Mike Burr, Managing Director of LTC Group 87 and a member of the CPD working party said: “The introduction of CPD for CISRS card holders will be another much needed step forward within our ever progressing industry and will receive my full support in my role as ASITO Chairman. As both an employer and training provider to the scaffold industry we welcome the introduction of CPD to further underpin what is already an excellent nationally recognised scheme.”

The working group began to put together a “wish list” of topics which they felt should be included within a CPD course aiming to focus on essential areas.

Full details will be confirmed later in the year, but it is proposed that CISRS CPD Course Content will cover:

  • SG4:15 – Inclusive of SG19 and harness training.
  • TG20:13 – Inclusive of masonry anchors.
  • General scaffolding knowledge testing.
  • RAMS.
  • SG6 – Manual handling, inclusive of ropes and wheels and knots.
  • MATS.
  • Scaffold inspection.
  • Trends in accidents and reporting accidents.
  • Part Two re-cap.
  • Impact wrenches.
  • Vehicles.
  • Communication – Inclusive of scaffolder responsibilities and behaviour.
  • Edge protection and roof works.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • PPE – Responsibilities of employer.
  • Incomplete scaffolds – Inclusive of signage and access.
  • System scaffold awareness.
  • Protection of the public.

CISRS are also looking to include a Health & Safety test within the 2-day course which would then be accepted as a recognised exemption to the current Health and Safety and Environment Test (H&S&E). As such the scaffolder would not have to lose additional time undertaking the H&S&E test on another working day.

The courses will be delivered by CISRS Accredited training providers. The majority of the course content will be the same for both Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders – with the main difference being the scaffold structures used for the practical inspection sessions.

Dave Mosley added: “Now the basic principle has been agreed we will be working to fine tune the content. We really feel that the introduction of CPD is right for the scheme and the industry. We realise that this is a big change for the sector and as such we are giving everyone plenty of notice before this goes live, we want all scaffolders and employers to be aware that CPD is coming.”



  1. This sounds like another money making scheme, it’s going to have a huge financial impact on us as a company as well as many others. The countless number of days of lost labour as well as the cost of the course. CITB, you must rethink this!!!

  2. How many other trades have to renew every five years like bricklayers carpenters etc ?
    It’s a money making racket and should be resisted you can test people’s knowledge in a simple test not a poxy two day course that guys will forced to pay for themselves in most cases

  3. Thats would be good if they didnt pass everyone like they do as it stand its just a money thing iv seen and been on courses were individual should of never got their card but still they pass so to me this all thing is a joke

  4. For most Advanced work nowadays you have to have a design drawing anyway. My employers get them and hand them over to us to do the job. You can’t go wrong!!!! Why I’m gonna need to go college for 2 days to sit through this is beyond me

  5. A CISRS card is NOT a legal requirement! The law says a person must be ‘competent’. A card is merely proof of the training element of competence. Other cards do the same thing, it’s up to the employer to make the decision on what is acceptable level of training appropriate to the nature of the work to be undertaken. Two days is overkill, the CSCS card is designed to deal with updates in the law, it’s only scaffolding updates that are required and one day every few years is more than enough. Unless, of course, it’s being done just for an income stream?

  6. What is it? And to answer a previous message this is a scaff union I believe. Its Unite…my mate was in it. Like every one said …another money making scam only for us scaffs. Thank god I only have 3 years to retirement day…but will still carry on Lol. Stay safe you lot d: )

  7. I support this – the amount of lads out there that wouldn’t know how to use scaff steps to install advanced handrail, or don’t understand what a fall rescue plan…..scaffolding is profession and training should be a lifelong commitment. Instead of fighting it, embrace it. Be a specialist and then expect more from firms in return.

  8. Always scaffolders that get a kicking,we are not the only trade in construction,its all about making some more money,no wonder youngsters look elsewhere for work with less hassle,this game is hard enough without the tossers sitting at a desk thinking how can we get a little more

  9. What an absolute joke! More money for nothing, they can’t keep up with available training days now having to wait months to get on a course, just like the ridiculous COTS course that labourers can’t get to as 9 times out of 10 the young lads can’t drive, perhaps the CITB should have courses on thinking about the real world before dreaming up this crazy stuff U0001f621U0001f621