Scaffolding Finance for the 21st Century

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Minaur Corporate Finance, (MCF) have worked with a wide range of scaffolding and construction companies arranging all types of facilities to fund their businesses.

Twenty five years ago Paul Minaur financed his first “Hire to Sale” scaffolding transaction. When it became clear how much was being charged to hire equipment, coupled with the additional costs and complications of playing for “lost items” when returned, it was immediately obvious that there was a huge unsupported demand for finance in the Scaffolding Market.

Our initial scaffolding client is now a multimillion pound concern.

Many lenders do not finance scaffolding, except for the strongest credits, but MCF does!  We achieve this via a range of lenders who offer Leasing, Hire Purchase and Unsecured Commercial Loans for both Scaffolding and Accessories.  Some of our lenders only accept scaffolding business from MCF as they know we have a history in this market and for many years have had strong relationships with suppliers in the UK.

Every Company is unique, so one solution does not fit all. From one source you can access MCF’s multiple lenders and funding options. With years of experience we can match each requirement to the most appropriate lender.

We Have Financed:

Traditional Tube , Fittings & Boards, Systems including Layher, Haki, Cuplock, NOR48, Accessories such as Brick Guards, Netting, Chutes and Skips.

As well as Supplier Invoiced New Transactions, we arrange Refinancing of Assets already owned to raise Capital to make further purchases. We have arranged facilities for clients purchasing second hand stock from companies which are ceasing to trade.

Suppliers introduce clients to us when there is a requirement which they cannot satisfy with their in-house extended credit terms (if they offer them).  A typical client will have an amount of stock which is hired already and they need more. MCF can arrange finance to cover the transfer of hire to sale or the cost of the new equipment to be purchased. This frees up the “Hire Account” so the supplier can provide additional stock when required.

Historically, MCF has even secured facilities with underwriting being based on the Scrap value of Steel.

Minimum deal size is £5,000.00 with no upper limit. The typical size requirement is between £50,000 and £150,000. The largest single facility we have provided for scaffolding to date is £750,000.

The majority of our clients use a Full Payout Finance Lease as all the payments are tax deductable and title to the goods can be easily arranged.  (Lenders want a return on the money, not a pile of second hand scaffolding).  Unsecured business loans give clients the money to use as “Cash buyers” to negotiate terms with suppliers (or tarmac their Yard!).

We can arrange facilities up to £50,000 for single tenant Director Companies with at least 2 years accounts.

As well as scaffolding we also finance, Portacabins, Cars, Vans LCV & HGVs including Hook & Cable Lift Vehicles and Beds, JCBs, Telehandlers, Forklifts and Powered Access Equipment.  CCTV, Security Fencing and Shipping Containers.

In short if your business has a finance requirement, MCF will know the lender and how to make it happen.  Whether a sizable requirement for an established business or a more modest value for a young or start-up situation we have the Funders to assist.

For an initial No Obligation Consultation call us on:01600 860 013 or email [email protected]