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The NASC slash the cost of TG20:13 Guidance

NASC TG20:13

The NASC have announced a 50% price reduction for it’s popular TG20:13 guidance and eGuide.

Originally launched in April 2014 TG20:13 Good Practice Guidance for Tube and Fitting has according to NASC been widely adopted throughout the UK scaffolding industry and the wider construction sector in the UK and increasingly abroad.

The NASC have now announced a review of the existing TG20:13 publications and eGuide pricing structure following meetings held between the NASC working group.

The following new pricing structure came into effect on 1 March 2017

NASC TG20:13

The aforementioned meetings were held in September and November of 2016, they were setup to review feedback and agree on modifications and amendments to TG20:13 in time for the next TG20:13 revision.

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The NASC invited and received a considerable amount of feedback on the guidance, from member companies and non member purchasers of TG20:13, outlining what they would like to see incorporated in the next revision.

The NASC say some of the suggestions received included, ‘varying the number of boarded lifts, production of basic drawings and calculations, and increased leg load information’.

An eGuide software upgrade is expected to be issued free of charge in the spring of 2017, however the NASC say the timescale for full review has not been agreed. It is unlikely that a fully updated version of TG20 will be published for at least two years.