Stepup Scaffolding CEO And Executives Killed In Plane Crash

AP Photo/John Amis

Scaffolding manufacturers and distributors Stepup Scaffolding have announced the tragic death of their CEO Wei Chen and 3 executives.

Stepup Scaffolding a subsidiary of Sunshine Enterprise Inc, based in Scotland and headquartered in Memphis USA has identified four of its employees as victims killed in a plane crash.

According to reports, the business jet flown by Chen plunged out of the sky crashing into a football field in an Atlanta park as it was making its way from Atlanta to Memphis on Thursday 20 December.

Wei Chen, John Chen, Bruce Pelynio and Danielle Mitchell were identified as victims in the crash, according to Stepup Scaffolding President, Mike McAnnally.

Sunshine Enterprise Executive Council Members (left to right) Mike McAnnally, President, StepUp Scaffold, a Sunshine Enterprise Company, Danielle Mitchell Harding, Controller, Sunshine Enterprise, Wei Chen, Founder Sunshine Enterprise, Bruce Pelynio, President, Heli Americas and John Chen, Chief Operations Officer, Sunshine Enterprise.

Sunshine Enterprise released a statement on Friday 21 December.

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the most difficult of news. On December 20th, we lost our fearless leader, Wei Chen as well as our COO, John Chen; Heli Americas CEO’ Bruce Pelynio; and Comptroller Danielle Mitchell to a tragic plane crash.

“Our company is grieving, but I have nothing but confidence when I tell you that we, as the team at Sunshine Enterprise, will persevere and will continue to serve our customers in the way they expect — with dedication and with care.”

“Please keep the families of our incredible leadership team in your thoughts and prayers.” The statement said.

Commenting on the tragic news, Andrew Smith from Avontus Software said: “Although they have been in the UK for a couple of years and a relatively young scaffolding manufacturer they were very well respected. Both Wei and John were true gentlemen and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.