Avontus Introduces Enhanced 3D Capabilities in Scaffold Designer 2020 Release

Avontus Scaffold Designer 2020 3D PDF

Avontus announced 3D shading modes, export to 3D PDF, and a host of new features in Scaffold Designer 2020 update.

Scaffolding software company Avontus has introduced major updates to its flagship Scaffold Designer software, which they say gives its customers a clear path to success in 2020 and beyond. 

Scaffold Designer 2020 has reached another design milestone with more advanced 3D capabilities that provides its customers access to the hallmark features of high-end CAD software. This enables its users to create detailed and professional 3D drawings in minutes rather than hours. 

The new software is packed with various new shading modes in 3D view (Realistic, Flat, and Hidden Lines, for instance), Scaffold Designer can instantly render vector-sharp views of the 3D design from raster images. This feature makes it easier to visualise the scaffold model dynamically on different devices and screens for accurate scaffolding erection.

Scaffold Designer 2020 also gives Avontus customers an Export to 3D PDF function. Its users can now export the 3D model from Scaffold Designer and view and share the design using Acrobat PDF Reader; no third-party applications are required.

Sharing his vision for Scaffold Designer 2020, Brian Webb, Avontus Founder and CEO said: “Our goal is to provide customers with an immersive 3D environment with four different methods to view scaffold designs: 3D PDF, Interactive 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. Having cutting-edge technologies that are comparable with premium CAD software, Scaffold Designer 2020 gives everyone a powerful way to communicate complex designs, enhance their bid strategy, and bring scaffold design to life and visualize success.” 

Avontus Scaffold Designer 2020

More New Features

In addition to these enhancements, Scaffold Designer 2020 includes multiple design improvements. A new tool for Dome shapes makes it easy to design geodesic domes like tanks and vessels. It also supports vertical domes and horizontal caps at any angle, helping designers fulfill architectural demands when working with irregular structures.    

Another addition to the Drawing tool is a U-head jack element for scaffold legs, which is adjustable in Bay View. It’s a small update yet carries a great impact. The detailed drawings of the U-head jacks convey the support components required for scaffolding safety.  

Offering a comprehensive building shapes stencil, Scaffold Designer 2020 enables quick and precise planning for any scaffold project. It gives users the freedom to innovate while still meeting the requirements of unique structures. 

Designers will enjoy a faster, more intuitive user interface. Scaffold Designer 2020 features enhanced user interface elements, new vector icons, streamlined ribbon navigation, and more.  

Avontus Scaffold Designer 2020

Another significant update is the new Training Video Player, featuring over 20 short tutorials (with more to come). These training videos are topic-focused and derived from real support cases. They offer quick guides that are searchable, easy to digest, and accessible using a side-by-side viewing mode that enables real-time interaction with the software at the same time. This feature update aims to maximize users’ time and allow them to get up to speed with Scaffold Designer at their own pace. 

It’s easier than ever to create professional models in Scaffold Designer 2020,” explained Andrew Smith, Avontus VP of Operations. “Users can access and bookmark in-app tutorial videos and resume where they left off at any time. This helps them get around different parts of the software quickly, reduces the learning curves, and enables them to create amazing designs in next to no time.” 

The new release is now available for download. For the complete Scaffold Designer 2020 release updates, please visit the Avontus Website.