New TG20 Scaffold Design Software In Development

TG20 Scaffold Design Software from the NASC tg20:13 eguide

A new version of the TG20 scaffold design software is currently being developed.

A small team from the NASC is again working with scaffolding software experts CADS, who produced SMART Scaffolder and the original groundbreaking scaffold design software TG20:13 eGuide.

The TG20:13 eGuide was one of the biggest changes within the UK scaffolding industry in recent times when it was officially launched in February 2014. The scaffold design software came part of a suite of guidance from the NASC that included the Operational Guide, Design Guide, eGuide and the TG20:13 User Guide.

ScaffMag understands that the new version of the eGuide is being built from scratch and the NASC team is currently reviewing feedback from the industry on the original software. It’s looking at ways to update and improve the program.

The trade body said in the recently published NASC Yearbook 2020, “With the consensus being that TG20:13 is still fit for purpose. Work is focusing on how to modify the software rather than make wholesale changes.

The planned updates include better and more uniform functionality, making it easier to use, while also slightly increasing the scope of the software.”

The new version of TG20 eGuide is expected to be released sometime next year.