Storm Brendan brings down tower block scaffolding

scaffold collapse at Orpington tower block
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A number of cars have been damaged and roads closed after a large scaffold fell from a tower block in Orpington, London.

High winds brought in by Storm Brendan ripped down the reported 10 lift scaffold at around 8:30pm last night (January 14). Emergency services attended the scene but no injuries have been reported.

The fallen scaffold was left lying over the tower’s car park and an adjacent road, blocking it off to traffic.

A dramatic video was posted online showing the aftermath of the scaffold collapse.

The scaffolding had been erected for the purpose of repairing the balconies on the southeast London tower block. Although not confirmed News Shopper has reported that the scaffold was tied into the fabric of the tower block. However, it would seem these ties failed.

Residents living in the tower block also told Journalists that weekly inspections had been carried out on the structure.