BrandSafway acquires assets from Benchmark Scaffolding UK’s Hoist Division

Benchmark Hoists assets acquired by Brandsafway

The owners of Lyndon SGB and Taylor’s Hoists has acquired the assets of Benchmark Scaffolding UK’s Hoist Division

According to Lyndon SGB, it’s owners BrandSafway also known as Brand Industrial Services acquired assets from London based Benchmark’s Hoist Division on Monday (17 February).

Lyndon SGB said on its website ‘the transaction significantly enhances capabilities of its Hoist Division, Taylor’s Hoists, in the greater London area.’

Robert Lynch, Lyndon SGB’s managing director said in a press release: “By enhancing our hoist solutions with Benchmark’s high-performance equipment, Taylor’s Hoists will be able to better serve its customers and offer a wider range of integrated solutions.”

Benchmark’s Hoist Division has a significant inventory of material hoists with capacities from 500 to 2,500 kilograms and single- and dual-car personnel hoists with capacities from 1,200 to 3,200 kilograms.

Taylor's Hoists
Image Credit: Lyndon SGB/Taylor’s Hoists

Mick Herke, vice president of Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services in Europe said: “This acquisition reinforces our leadership position in the United Kingdom. With Benchmark’s highly specialized knowledge in premium hoist solutions, Taylor’s Hoists and Lyndon SGB can further expand their services.”

“Our hoist division team looks forward to sharing their expertise and best practices with Taylor’s Hoists and Lyndon SGB,” said Steve Crompton, director of Benchmark Hoists. “Both companies are some of our industry’s best-known and well-respected names.”