Scaffolding trade body issues advice on Coronavirus

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has unveiled a groundbreaking improvement to its membership application process.
Image: NASC

NASC’s boss has issued scaffolding-related advice on the anticipated impact of the Coronavirus to businesses

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation’s managing director Robin James has issued advice and resources on dealing with the forthcoming impact of Coronavirus on the industry.

James stated “These are very challenging times” in an email addressed to its members. “The situation and corresponding guidance from the Government and other parties is changing day by day.”

Within the mass email, the industry trade body has gathered a list of links to help scaffold businesses through the pandemic. NASC’s Contracts Committee also and supplied a small question and answer section on dealing with scaffold inspections and if/when sites are shutdown.

The email contained the following:


  • For a legal guide to coronavirus and construction contracts click here.
  • For government advice for employers and businesses click here.
  • For government support for employers click here.
  • For government advice for employees click here.
  • For NHS advice relating to personal health click here.
  • For Build UK’s statement on the impact on the construction industry click here.


What should I do if my scaffolding inspector has been forced into self-isolating?

As the scaffolding company has been employed to undertake the scaffolding inspections and not the individual the main contractor may request another inspector from the scaffolding company to attend.

In many ways this is a similar situation to annual leave cover or ‘normal’ sick leave. Worst case scenario, employ a third party to cover the period whilst your scaffolding inspector is unable to attend.

What happens if the site is shut down? Do we still need to carry out weekly inspections?

No 7-day inspections will be required as the site is closed and no one will be accessing the scaffolding. An inspection will be required the day the scaffolding is required to come back into use. In many ways, this is similar to the Christmas period. Please continue to monitor Government announcements and liaise with the main contractor on site regarding this.

What happens if we’re advised not to attend sites?

If the Government or indeed the main contractor advises you not to attend site this will apply to all trades and individuals so the same scenario as a site shut down where an inspection will not be required until the site is re-opened and the scaffolding is required to be put back in use will apply.

The industry trade body has advised that the above is strictly NASC advice. And asks to seek relevant professional guidance wherever and whenever applicable to ensure you are as best placed as possible to manage whatever the specific implications of the spread of coronavirus are to your business and employees.