TRAD UK believes the use of system scaffold, and in particular, their own PLETTAC METRIX system can help with social distancing, productivity and cost savings.

During the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government has stated that the construction industry has a huge role to play in supporting the health of the economy and is making a highly valued, and somewhat critical, contribution.

However, the difficulties this brings to the workplace, with sites striving to comply with the Site Operating Procedures developed by the Construction Leadership Council, are hard to overcome when related to safe systems of work in the scaffolding sector. 

TRAD UK believes that these problems and issues can be somewhat alleviated by careful planning, and the use of system scaffold such as the highly developed PLETTAC METRIX system.  TRAD UK’s Head of Technical Sales, Alan Slater explains;  

“With the system being much faster to install than traditional methods, the reduction in erection times for PLETTAC METRIX can go some way to offset the extra time required and the decrease in productivity that the new COVID-19 working practices bring.

The very nature of the system means fewer small components are required, which helps to avoid close proximity contact, therefore allowing for easier adherence to the current Social Distancing rules.

The use of base collars on the bottom lift makes it far easier for members of scaffold gangs to keep a Social Distance from one another.  When commencing a build, two operatives are not required to hold and fix standards, ledgers and transoms until they are all secure, as it is possible for one operative to complete this task whilst the other members of their gang can work nearby on other tasks and areas of the structure being built, although it should be noted that it is not implied that lone working should be employed, as a minimum of two operatives should be working within the same vicinity, while Socially Distancing. 

Furthermore, as it is only the base lift which needs to be levelled, productivity is increased with PLETTAC METRIX as this repetitive process, which is completed at every level on traditional tube & fitting scaffolds, is only required once.”

Alan goes on to say: “The efficiencies that PLETTAC METRIX can generate, with a general reduction in labour costs of up to 30% to 50% when compared to tube & fitting scaffolds, gives our customers an edge in the market place, making them more streamlined and better placed to cope with the added pressures that an economy affected by recession brings, helping to manage current outgoings whilst investing for the future.

Generally, as there are less components and weight of materials required per job, this means there is less transport required, which therefore necessitates less visits to site for transport personnel, the consequence of which is less exposure to risk.

The “divisibility” of the components – which improves flexibility & adaptability – when compared to other similar systems, means a reduction in the amount of components required, again helping with productivity and less close proximity contact.

In addition to the improved safety and adherence to SG4 that the optional Permanent Advanced Guardrail brings, this award winning feature has a positive effect on productivity.  The one fix installation process of the guardrail replaces either two or three ledgers (depending on the size and type of guardrail), reducing the amount of equipment which is required to be manually handled and subsequently lessens the risk to the operatives.

The PLETTAC rosette & wedge head junction forms an incredibly strong joint, allowing up to eight components to be fixed in the one node.  This allows for a far less reliance on small fittings, with the wedges being much faster to secure than traditional fittings, once again helping with productivity and social distancing.”

Plettac Metrix is available on a hire or sale basis at six TRAD UK locations strategically positioned throughout the country.  If you would like to try this revolutionary product for yourself, to experience the difference it can make, please contact 0845 899 0845 / [email protected] or your local depot:

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