G-DECK Delivers Profit Opportunity to Scaffolding Firms


G-DECK, the company behind the strongest construction load deck on the market, has launched G-DECK Dual.

G-DECK Dual is a new hybrid system that enables scaffolding companies to offer decking to customers at a much lower cost.

Designed to combine the robust metal G-DECK decks with birdcage tube using G-DECK’s patented brackets, G-DECK Dual provides a more cost-effective investment than standard decking systems while delivering enhanced strength and safety.

Much faster to install than traditional birdcage, it allows scaffolding companies to tap into demand for load deck systems from housebuilders, developers and construction companies at a much lower investment level, while utilising their existing birdcage materials.

Explains G-DECK’s sales and marketing director, Ty Wilson: “Lots of housebuilders and construction companies are keen to switch to decking because of the timesaving, versatility, safety and cost benefits it brings them.

“For scaffolding companies, that can mean a sizeable investment, a yard full of redundant birdcage tubes and a need to store the new decking system. However, if they don’t make the switch, it could see them lose out of lucrative projects.”

“With G-Deck Dual we’ve solved those problems. The investment is much lower – even compared to a decking system of lower quality – and the profit opportunity is significant. Scaffolding companies can re-use their existing birdcage tubes using our easy-fix brackets. Our decks have been designed to offer market-leading levels of safety and strength and to stack neatly for secure storage. We genuinely have designed it with scaffolding companies in mind.”


G-DECK’s metal decks have a 600kg/m2 load capacity, making them the strongest load deck system on the market and ideal for projects where materials need to be delivered or stored on the deck at the work area.

Typically costing scaffolding companies at least £10/m2 less than a conventional decking system, G-DECK Dual requires much less time and labour to install than traditional birdcage, ensuring payback can be achieved quickly.

“We provide installation training for every system sold,” Ty Wilson adds, “and we can even powder-coat the brackets to colour-match scaffolding companies’ logos, as part of a complete solution.”

Free demos for the G-DECK Dual system can be booked on G-DECK’s website www.gdecking.com