COVID prompts NASC to slash members fees

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has unveiled a groundbreaking improvement to its membership application process.
Image: NASC

NASC has reduced its 2021 subscription fees for full members by 25 per cent.

The UK scaffolding trade body is set to reduce the fees in recognition of the challenging commercial conditions brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The cost-saving will be open to NASC full contracting and full non-contracting members and operate on a sliding scale, calculated from each members’ turnover in 2019.

The announcement was made at their recent AGM where further details on it eagerly-anticipated TG20:21 guidance was also unveiled.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has placed all UK businesses, including those in the scaffolding industry, under enormous pressure.

“The lockdowns and ongoing uncertainties regarding a return to normal have had numerous knock-on effects which have disrupted commercial activities in both the short and medium terms.

“In light of this the NASC has moved to provide its full members with a financial saving in 2021 and will look at ways to further support them through this difficult time in the coming weeks and months.”