TRAD UK launches new decking adjustable foot



Made from injection-moulded plastic, new component offers cost-effective strength and durability

TRAD UK, the new brand for the combined TRAD Hire & Sales and TRAD Safety Systems companies, has done it again! For years now TRAD’s safety deck has been the watchword for quality and innovation, and it is this forward-thinking which has kept the decking system as the market leader for more than 15 years.

So TRAD UK is delighted to announce the launch of its latest concept: the new adjustable foot for decking.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and fully tested to BS-EN 12811-3 Part 3, the adjustable foot can be easily extended to three heights, making it a flexible and cost-effective option. At 70mm, the foot supports single decking panel overlap and can be extended to 140mm and 210mm to increase decking height accordingly. Each foot is supplied with a lockable steel pin for additional stability and security.

As well as offering versatility with the height adjustment, the product increases stability and helps to streamline the installation process reducing labour time and material cost.

“Designed to meet a variety of end-user needs, this new concept really does offer workability. The injection-moulded plastic adjustable foot is the latest innovation from TRAD UK,” said Alan Slater, Head of Technical and Product Support at the company.

“The product has undergone significant testing to ensure that it provides the best support at the most cost-effective price, allowing contractors to build decking securely at a range of heights with confidence.”

The adjustable foot is the first of many new product innovations currently being worked on by the TRAD team, with more to be revealed in 2021.