Leach’s helps support 300 offshore scaffolders with new kits


A blossoming partnership between Leach’s and Beerenberg has ensured increased tool safety for offshore scaffolders.

Oil & Gas Industrial services firm Beerenberg and Leach’s have partnered to create and deliver an all-new high-spec scaffolder’s tool kit, with all tools uniquely tethered to prevent drops from height.

The specialist kit has now been delivered to almost 300 offshore oil and gas scaffolders, with plans for further distribution in the future.

Choosing quality tools for the kit was of utmost importance. Each new tool kit consists of:

  • A heavy-duty leather belt with tool holders
  • Nipping pliers
  • Podger ratchet
  • Double-ended open spanner
  • Magnetic level
  • Stainless steel tape measure

Leach’s say each tool is tethered to protect other workers on site with ultra-strong tool safety ropes and swivel locking carabinas. Beerenberg also required detailed labelling to ensure ultimate safety during use, including the fall from height distance when tethered, the safe working load of each tool, and the serial number.

Overcoming the safety challenge

This specification proved a real challenge. Beerenberg had intricate needs to improve the safety of scaffolders, and approached a vast range of suppliers. However, it was soon clear that many would struggle to adapt in the face of these detailed needs.

Adrian Tennant, Global Sales Manager at Leach’s, said: “I believe we stood out as our approach to product supply is different. We are solutions-orientated, meaning our aim first and foremost is to solve a customer’s problem. Not only does this help us form strong, longstanding relationships, but it also helps us evolve our services for businesses ever-evolving needs.”

Raymond Teigland, Technical Responsible Scaffolding at Beerenberg added: “This project has been a real success. Leach’s solution-orientated team helped us solve a complex challenge that other suppliers simply couldn’t. We’re thrilled with the results.”