Altrad support the decommissioning of an offshore gas platform


The UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) contains a range of mature oil and gas assets, many of which are approaching the end of their useful working lives.

Decommissioning these assets safely is becoming increasingly important for energy producers and it requires specialist skills and experience.

Altrad have supported Worley, and their client Allseas, with a range of services to enable the safe removal of Spirit Energy’s 11,000 tonne platform, DP3, at Morecambe Bay in the eastern Irish Sea.

The decommissioning platform will be lifted and taken back to shore by Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit the world’s largest construction vessel.

Altrad’s scope included access scaffolding, complex rigging and the cutting and disassembly of caissons, conductors and platform legs, these essential, time critical works, were required prior to the removal of the platform via a single heavy lift.

Altrad utilised diamond wire saws and oxy acetylene torches to enable the cutting of each tubular, which were up to 36 inches in diameter.

The entire work scope was completed safely, without incident and within the condensed eight-week window permitted by the work schedule.

Chris Garland, Altrad’s Director of Upstream Operations, said, “I’m delighted we have been able to use our skills and expertise in support of the decommissioning of Spirit Energy’s assets in the eastern Irish Sea, wherein our teams have worked collaboratively with Worley to achieve a safe and successful outcome.”

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