All-out strike for Scaffolders at British Steel

Scaffolders on strike at British Steel in Scunthorpe
Scaffolders on strike at British Steel in Scunthorpe. Image: @UniteNEYH

Scaffolders on the British Steelworks in Scunthorpe began an all-out strike on Monday in a long-running pay dispute.

Over 60 scaffolders employed by Actavo walked out on Monday (5th October) and took to the picket line over a long-running row over their pay.

The workers want to be paid in line with the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI). The rates for the workforce are currently 10 to 15 per cent below these rates, according to UNITE the union.

The pay dispute began back in 2019 when their former employers Brand Energy had the maintenance contract on the site. Actavo took over the contract in February 2021 but the dispute continues. There is a difference of £2 an hour between their current pay rates and the established NAECI pay rates.

The scaffolders are responsible for the maintenance of over 500 scaffolding structures at the site.

Speaking previously about the dispute Unite regional officer John McIntyre said: “Our members play a crucial role maintaining safety on the British Steel site and deserve to be paid the correct rate for the job.”

The scaffolders will picket the British Steel gates A, D and G from 5.30-9.30am every day.