Italian manufacturer Pilosio held a successful Open Demo Day on July 11th and 12th, revealing its innovative Flydeck system.

Pilosio, a leading Italian manufacturer of scaffolding and suspended access solutions, held a successful Open Demo Day on July 11th and 12th, revealing its innovative Flydeck system.

The event attracted attendees from major Oil&Gas and Civil companies, offering them an opportunity to witness the simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency of the Flydeck – a new solution for under-deck operations.

Flydeck: The Future of Suspended Access Solutions

The Flydeck system is a modular and temporary suspended structure constructed using a Flyrail Guide, which enables the assembly of beams both longitudinally and transversely.

The Flydeck system ensures operator safety, as work is always conducted above a suspended platform. The system’s simplicity and flexibility make it an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for under-deck work.

The Flydeck system includes several key components: beams, decks, suspension chains, and a Flyrail Guide for easy and secure set-up and dismantling. Beams, available in steel or aluminium, come in various lengths up to 6 meters and heights of 25 cm or 45 cm, catering to diverse needs.

A unique connection system employing spigots and exclusive elastic pins makes assembly swift and uncomplicated. The standard load capacity is impressive, reaching up to 3.0 kN/m2 with chains every 4 m2, or 1.5 kN/m2 with chains every 6 m2.

Flyrail Guide

The Flyrail Guide, an integral part of the system, can be moved either manually or with a 220V electric hoist and comes in three length versions: 1.66m x 3, 2.50m x 2, and 5.00m x 1. It allows the Flydeck surface to be set up both longitudinally and transversely.

Flydeck beams have seven different sizes: from 1 to 6 meters in length and two heights: 0.25m and 0.45m. They also feature two types of connections to the decks – the “U” connection and the “O” connection (reversible and 48.3 mm in diameter).

The system allows the choice of decks based on specific needs, with different width and length options and capacities ranging from 300 to 600 kg/sqm.

Upcoming Training Courses

Following the Open Demo Day, Pilosio will be offering two-day training courses starting at the end of July 2023 in Aberdeen. These courses will allow participants to explore all the features and strengths of the Flydeck system.

For further information or to book a demonstration, contact Mrs Francesca Fuser, UK Business Development Manager, at [email protected] or +39 351 292 2236.

Pilosio: Quality, Innovation, and Tradition

With over six decades of experience, Pilosio has built a formidable reputation for producing high-quality scaffolding and suspended access solutions. Their commitment to in-house production has guaranteed operational flexibility and exceptional quality, offering cutting-edge solutions that reshape the construction landscape.

The Flydeck system, a testament to Pilosio’s innovative prowess, sets new industry standards for suspended access solutions.