Woman Injured in London Scaffold Collapse

Image credit: BBC

High winds that swept across southern England on Saturday have led to a serious accident in Hackney, East London, where a woman was injured after strong winds caused scaffolding to fall onto her car.

According to the BBC, Emergency services, including the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, and paramedics, quickly arrived at the scene.

The injured woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, was found inside the damaged vehicle. Medical personnel provided immediate on-site treatment before transporting her to a nearby hospital. Her current condition remains unknown.

The incident followed a wind warning issued for London, which was in effect until midnight on Saturday. In response to the severe weather conditions, all Royal Parks in the city had preemptively closed their playgrounds as a safety measure.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist with the Met Office, reported that gusts of wind reached speeds of up to 55mph in some parts of southern England, contributing to potentially hazardous conditions.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing as officials work to understand the precise circumstances that led to the scaffolding’s collapse.