ScaffEx24: New Details Revealed for the UK’s Premier Scaffolding and Access Event

ScaffEx24, the industry's newest and possibly the biggest ever dedicated scaffolding and access conference and expo, has released further details..

The industry’s newest and possibly the biggest ever dedicated scaffolding and access conference and expo has released further details about the groundbreaking event.

As previously reported, the NASC-organised ScaffEx24 conference and expo will be held at the Belfast International Conference Centre on November 29th and is poised to become the UK’s premier annual scaffolding event, according to the trade body.

One of the most significant revelations is that ScaffEx24 will be open and entirely free to the entire scaffolding and access sector, regardless of membership status. The NASC is extending a warm welcome to professionals from all corners of the industry, emphasising the event’s inclusivity.

The NASC also unveiled an impressive conference lineup that will run concurrently with the scaffolding and access exhibition. Distinguished thought leaders will delve into four pivotal topics: Scaffolding Clients & Procurement, Training & Education, Business Development, and Health & Safety.

NASC has announced that a new speaker participating in the conference will be revealed each month in the lead-up to the event, adding to the excitement surrounding the conference program.

To facilitate access to information and updates, a dedicated ScaffEx website is on the verge of launch, and a ScaffEx app is currently in development, as NASC CEO Clive Dickin shared in a recent webinar. These digital resources aim to streamline the attendee experience, providing easy access to schedules, exhibitor information, and real-time updates.

The Future of ScaffEx

NASC is heralding a new era after announcing the appointment of Clive Dickin, an experienced trade body leader, as its new CEO.Dickin also unveiled his ambitious vision for the future of ScaffEx. “ScaffEx24 is just the beginning, a stepping stone. This year, we have focused on the core suppliers providing tube fittings, systems, ancillary products, and various consumables within the scaffolding sector. Looking ahead to 2025 and beyond, we are already exploring venues such as G-Mex, the NEC, and Excel in London to elevate ScaffEx to the next level.”

Dickin elaborated on the expansion plans, saying, “When I say ‘next level,’ I mean that ScaffEx will evolve to encompass the entire working environment of the scaffolding sector. It won’t just be about suppliers; it will encompass vehicles, elevated work platforms, ropes, hoists, and every facet of the industry. 

ScaffEx24 is laying the foundation for the long-term future of ScaffEx, with ScaffEx25, ScaffEx26, and beyond poised to be hosted at major exhibition centres, truly taking this event to the next level.”

ScaffEx24 is set to redefine the scaffolding and access industry, offering a platform for professionals to network, learn, and shape the future of the sector. With its inclusivity, diverse content, and future expansion plans, ScaffEx is undoubtedly on the path to becoming a pivotal event in the scaffolding industry’s calendar.