Teenager dies after falling from scaffolding in Ilford


A 16-year-old died on Wednesday after falling from scaffolding on a two-story house in Wanstead, Ilford, UK

Alfie Perrin from Enfield fell from scaffolding on a property in Camden Road on Wednesday afternoon.

Ambulance staff and the London air ambulance were called to the property but later died from a head injury.

An inquest has been opened and adjourned into his death, which is being treated as unexplained.

One news source had reported speaking to a neighbour who said building work was taking place at the property where the incident happened.

He added: “I had gone out and seen builders looking at plans outside the property.

“I think they were working on a loft extension.”When I came back one of the builders stopped me and told me there had been an accident. “I asked what had happened and he said someone had fallen.”

A joint investagation with the Health and Safety and Ilford police is now underway

By Daniel Norton