Skaftray: “Were you one of the 2647”?


Two thousand six hundred and forty seven. Small words, big number.

Number of what? We are quoting directly from the HSE’s own statistics, which show that in the period 2005 – 2010 there were 2647 accidents involving people being hit by objects falling from mobile scaffolding towers, that’s over 500 per year or 10 per week on average.

Until now operators needed to devise their own ways of keeping tools and materials handy but this often involved balancing a plank or other item on the tower or mewp. These devices are usually insecure with unproven load-bearing capacity. They may even be a breach of site policy and thus be a contractual risk. By using Skaftray, the risk of dropped objects is reduced as tools and materials are safely contained in a purpose designed unit with the safe working load clearly displayed. The Skaftray is also securely mounted to the tower or mewp.

Skaftray is now a recommended Best Practice item with major clients. After all, who wants to pay for an HSE investigation into an incident when a ready made potential risk-reduction solution is at hand?


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