GKR Scaffolding announce the release of Elimin8 the next generation of scaffold fitting


GKR Scaffolding is proud to announce the release of the next generation of the safest fall prevention fitting fixings on the market, ‘Elimin8.

GKR Scaffolding and Loughton Scaffold Suppliers have joined forces to develop a revolutionary tethered scaffold fitting. The tethering point enables main scaffold fittings to be tethered until they are securely fixed.
Neil Rowswell, GKR’s Managing Director who was involved in its development explains the benefits.

Elimin8 has been designed, developed and tested by industry leaders GKR Scaffolding Ltd with support from Loughton Scaffold equipment suppliers. The revolutionary tethered scaffold fitting allows all the main scaffold fitting types to be securely tethered until fixed.

Over the last few years GKR Scaffolding has worked on over half of London’s tallest building developments, including western Europe’s tallest tower. At GKR Safety is an embedded value where they constantly strive for ways to improve the safety of their employees, stakeholders and the general public.

As part of GKR’s continuous drive to reduce risks in 2011, they introduced 100% tool tethering as a mandatory requirement to help reduce the risk of tools falling from height. The next steps for the GKR management team were to look for an innovative way to not only tether tools but to tether scaffold fittings.


Neil Rowswell, Managing Director of GKR and member of the NASC Technical Board committee, led the working group who designed Elimin8 the simple safe system that allows the scaffold fittings to remain tethered until fixed. Neil commented:

“We [GKR Scaffolding] are proud to be known for our commitment to leading excellence in scaffolding and of our industry-leading safety performance. Since introducing the tool tethering policy we have had zero accidents involving tools falling from height. A natural progression for us was to see how we could tether all fittings for situations where they may be required. Elimin8 has been developed by real scaffolders who will be using it in all weather conditions, heights and working conditions. I am proud to be part of the team introducing Elimin8 to the scaffolding industry. Together we can help reduce risks and improve safety.”

The  scaffold fitting range is now available and can be purchased through www.loughtonscaffolding.com www.gkrscaffolding.co.uk



  1. You can hate them all you want,but let’s face it they will be compulsory on high jobs soon,look when the harness law came in we all hated wearing them,now look were wearing them all the time,some with 2 lanyards, me I’m all for the old skool shorts and a pair of trainer’s, but times change and with what happened at Liverpool St with the Ladies and the tube falling, you can expect to be using these sooner than you think

  2. I can understand the principle of this and under the rite conditions It
    is a very good idea, however is there a safety implication by attaching these
    to your safety harness? My understanding is nothing can be attached to the D
    rings as this is required for retrieval.
    2nd point is most safety men want nipple caps fitted to the
    threads how does this stand as to me it looks like it’s another snagging point.

  3. Been scaffolding 15 years, never been scared of heights or anything but the only thing that’s worried me in this game is the thought of dropping something on someone. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve been 100+ ft above the public in a busy city/ town centre without a fan under us and felt a bit shaky. Every little helps…….

  4. This is a great design by Gkr! been using tethered fittings and tools for a few years now I love them! This will be across the board soon on all high rise projects wether you like it or not! If you did drop something you know you won’t be banged up for manslaughter fact!